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The importance of security measures in stock

According to Cargo Net information published in the Transport Topics News Web site, companies lost more than 107 million dollars in losses resulting only from theft due to the United States. That’s about 13.2% higher than the previous theft value of 2015, which was over 100 million dollars.

In recent months, the United States has reported many other incidents. In those circumstances, every warehouse keeper has to worry about making safe security arrangements to protect its valuable inventory.


The best warehouse security system Solution

To create ideal security measures for warehouses that take place in a wide area, special attention should be given to following components and factors:
  • Always distribute portions with physical bulkheads to receive and send goods
  • The warehouse entrance and exit doors must be protected by a powerful physical access control system based on the latest technology for all vehicles and people
  • Develop adequate policies for the removal of waste dumps and scraps from storage
  • To ensure better warehouse security, the vehicle must be loaded with separate channels
  • Install a CCTV surveillance system to monitor internal and external performance
  • Integrating warehouse security system with Inventory management system
  • In order to ensure better security management, a proper inventory of safety zoning
  • Do not allow visitors to roam warehouse without any warehouse staff monitoring
  • Install the correct signalling system to warn you of any malfunction or malicious activity
  • Establish proper control over shipments of outgoing ships
  • The proper inspection of vehicles to be carried out and from the storage
  • Install the correct light system inside and outside the warehouse
  • Protected protectors must be used at entry and exit checkpoints
  • Regular checking and maintaining of the warehouse security method
  • Fire-fighting equipment must be installed in appropriate places