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Now-a-days education institutions have unique and exclusive IT security requirements and a sturdy alertness of the threats that make every educational institution to adopt security solutions. Internal and external threats that comprises with the targets of hackers, viruses and worms are now minimized and protected with the help of open network environment solution.

However, for such threats and coercion many industries now have optimized for customized security solutions including 24 hours educational institutional monitoring services, security cameras, video surveillance systems and upgraded education security technology equipment plus extra for each and everyone from the seminary and private institutions to small universities and large institutions districts.


Suraj Infromatics is one of the leading IT industries that provide services which can adjust according to the changing environment situations, safety conditions. Even assurity is provided that the equipments are useful in keeping your institutions safe and secure all the time. However, it is also helpful in giving protection from future potential threats. Hence, following are the benefits of Suraj Informatics services for educational institutions:

  • Helps to secure expensive IT, Audio/Visual and Design Technology equipment, saves educational institutions money and prevent crime.
  • Put a stop to access to forbidden areas, classrooms, prevent health and safety matters.
  • Automatically lock and unlock doors, saves time and provides surety of the security of the premises
  • In case if the problem of lost or stolen access cards can be conveniently removed from the system and there would be no more operation of the doors.
  • In order to protect the elements of campus network with the help of security routing and intrusion prevention systems.
  • With the help of wire – free technology, battery units can be installed on external buildings.


Suraj Informatics provides systems that are innovative and with the availability of flexible access control solutions. It is easy accessible, hassle free installation, low cost solutions that can be installed practically.

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