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Advanced Intelligent Video Surveillance System involves observing a scene or scenes and looking for specific behaviors that are inappropriate or may indicate the emergence or presence of inappropriate behavior.

Intelligent Video Analytics Solutions Services process involves the identification of areas of concern and the identification of specific cameras or groups of cameras that may be able to view these areas. Although it is possible to identify schedules when security trends have occurred or may be likely to occur, this is also helpful to the process. By viewing the selected images at right times, it is possible to determine if improper activity is occurring.

Advanced Intelligent Video Surveillance Services is a comprehensive that integrates the partner into the planning, configuration, and operation of your monitoring system. It also ensures that our video security solutions are budgeted, adapted and enforceable, and therefore we offer our customers consulting, integration, configuration and other support services.

An Intelligent Video Analytics Solutions Services is an essential part of a comprehensive security strategy. Suraj Infomatics is proud to offer the experience and expertise to design, install, and monitor a system that will fit to your individual business needs, and integrates with your existing systems. Whether you’re looking for basic video surveillance systems, or looking for your system to do more for your business, Suraj Informatics can deliver the advanced intelligent video surveillance system solutions you need.

Advanced Intelligent Video Surveillance System-

From local Intelligent Video Analytics Solutions Services to cutting-edge video surveillance IP systems and cloud-based storage options, Suraj Informatics can design, install, and monitor the right  surveillance system to meet your needs. With our expertise, we offer you the right Advanced Intelligent Video Surveillance Services, including:

  • Analog and IP camera systems
  • Network, local, and cloud-based video storage options
  • Video Monitoring System
  • Video Alarm Verification
  • Live view video on-the-go
  • Advanced video analytics capabilities, reporting
  • Integration with intrusion, access control, and more

Advanced Intelligent Video Surveillance that deliver smart data to improve security, increase efficiency and reduce costs.

We believe that the future of security should be designed around you. Our goal is to provide leading and advanced surveillance security solutions you can trust, that add value and are quick and easy to use and install.


Intelligent Video Analytics

Video Analytics uses metadata to add structure and sense to video footage. In this way, cameras can understand what they see and warn when there are threats at the time of occurrence. You can also retrieve the correct sequences from hours of instantly saved video and analyse the scene by providing different statistics so that an operator can deal with threats faster and more effectively.

Advanced Video Analytics Services

With Advanced Video Analytics, our goal is always to make video surveillance more relevant to you. Therefore, our solutions also have a number of advanced features such as:

Intelligent Tracking.
Video Analytics While Moving.
Metadata Fusion.
Video-Based Fire Detection.
Tamper Detection and more.

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