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Video surveillance systems involves observing a scene or scenes and looking for specific behaviors that are inappropriate or may indicate the emergence or presence of inappropriate behavior.

Video Surveillance Systems process involves the identification of areas of concern and the identification of specific cameras or groups of cameras that may be able to view these areas. Although it is possible to identify schedules when security trends have occurred or may be likely to occur, this is also helpful to the process. By viewing the selected images at right times, it is possible to determine if improper activity is occurring.

Video surveillance is a comprehensive service that integrates the partner into the planning, configuration, and operation of your monitoring system. It also ensures that our video security solutions are budgeted, adapted and enforceable, and therefore we offer our customers consulting, integration, configuration and other support services.


Solution by Role

Our system design specialists are familiar with the different solution of role  for small business owners, IT managers and security directors.


Solution by Technology

From HD and megapixel resolution to wireless systems, video surveillance technology in the world grows and changes every day.


Solution by Application

With its extensive style and range of features, video security are common in most industries around the world


Solution by Industry

By helping retail stores curb theft to improve safety in schools and hospitals, the video surveillance system improves security.



The development of  video surveillance system is a different for  a large and multi-local organization.


Crowd Management

Crowd management is a very challenging task especially when it comes – video security and service.


Integration with Access Control

Suraj Informatics provides system integration services for customers with complex technologies or security requirements.


Perimeter Security

Security generally means preventing crime. The question is, at what point can the crime be remedied?


Parking Management

Increasing car use in and around continental Venice has caused accessibility problems and congestion.


Reduce Solution Cost

With video surveillance, bandwidth is the only recurring cost, and will make the largest contribution to the overall cost over a period of time.


No Server Required to Monitor Multiple Devices

Suraj Informatics Video Surveillance Systems, through its unique architecture allows you to see video surveillance camera systems remotely from multiple recorders without servers.


WeighBridge Integration

Vehicle stacking for production units is always a tricky task, especially if the goods cannot be packaged in boxes and must be placed directly in the truck.