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Walkway Alert System

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Collisions can happen along walkways when people on foot can’t see traffic around corners, passageways or through entryways. Vulnerable sides are especially unsafe. Suraj Informatics Walkway Alert System has been explicitly intended to help anticipate incidental impacts between site vehicles, plant specialists and hardware administrators.

By notice people on foot utilizing the walkway of moving toward vehicles, accidental collision is minimized by improving the walker’s consciousness of their environment.

The Walkway Alert System works in any workplace, warehouse, industrial or production environment where vehicles and people work in close proximity to each other.

The collision warning system can be used in conjunction with other Suraj Informatics Warning & Alert applications.


Approaching Vehicle Warning:

  • On this system the forklift has been fitted with a Suraj Informatics tag and the walkway has been fitted with multiple units.
  • Every unit makes its own 360° discovery zone identifying the forklift at various stages along the walkway.
  • At the point when the vehicle enters every detection zone, an audible visual alarm is set off at corresponding stages along the walkway showing the area of the moving toward vehicle.
  • When the vehicle leaves the final detection zone, the alarm will stop.



Shutter and Roller Door Access Alert:

  • This system demonstrates a walkway ready set up to alarm when an approaching vehicle is going to drive through an open roller shade entryway.
  • The forklift has been fitted with a Suraj Informatics tag and a unit has been fitted next to the roller shutter door making a 360° location zone around the open door.
  • At each end of the walkway and in front of the open roller shutter door an audible visual alarm is set warning the people of an approaching vehicle when the vehicle enters the detection zone.
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