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Aircraft Damage Protection

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In many environments equipment and vehicles are often required to operate around and in close proximity to high esteem resources, such as air ship on an airfields ramp. Any damage to aircraft bears extensive cost along with potentially serious safety implications.

Suraj Informatics Aircraft Damage Protection System has been planned to help prevent crashes and lessen harm to aircraft while they are being serviced on the ramp by GSE operators.

How it Works

  • Safety detection cones integrated with Suraj Informatics tags are strategically set around the aircraft (blue dots).
  • Our control units are fitted to ground service vehicles detecting the location of the safety detection cones.
  • Depending on the desired activation range configured for every vehicle, a continuous alarm sounds when a safety cone is recognized.
  • The alarm will keep on sounding until the vehicle is clear of the collision risk area. The alarm can be muted in when vehicle is still if required.


Suraj Informatics offers a range of aircraft preservation products and kits. From engine covers to tire covers, you’ll find what you need to keep rust and debris from your craft during shipping and storage.



Engine Shipping Kits

Our engine shipping kits save your organization money and are huge time savers. We pre-cut covers, using our material, for the consumption, fan bypass and exhaust. The intake and exhaust covers include clear viewing windows that enable you to check the humidity levels inside the covers without removing them.

We also include pre-measured desiccant with our covers. The desiccant is sent in a moisture barrier sack, insuring the “freshness” of the desiccant until it is prepared to be utilized.

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