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IoT solutions and services has a huge demand as technology in the workplace is changing. There is a huge call for smart city IoT solutions to reduce costs, improve employee productivity and reduce employee injuries. Depending on human-driven solutions, there is no longer enough sustainability, and we can no longer rely on their accuracy.

Due to Iot services and solutions, the modern world seeks (and expects) that companies will be permanently connected and secured with data. Those who grew up in the age of the internet and smartphones expect a continuous flow of data with immediate updates and an impact on a range of products that intuitively responds to all their needs. This impending change has led to increased demand for technological products entering the Internet of things.

IoT solutions for manufacturing has a rising need in order to make the system more smooth and organized. These IoT solutions lead to growth in business and ease of man power.

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What is IoT ( Internet of things ) ?

The term “Internet of things” or IoT refers to the way a Web connection can ensure the transmission and reception of static objects data via the Internet. This web concept, which allows static devices to communicate with each other, goes beyond traditional computing platforms, which we already know are using IoT solution and services, such as computers and mobile devices. It can be remotely monitored and controlled.

iot solution company
IoT services and solution provider in India

IoT solution provider responds to these expectations for products that meet all consumer needs. The daily products of IoT are converted into a smartphone equivalent advanced features that improve usability or increase efficiency.

Over the last half decade, smart products have led to innovations in many industries.

Why IoT solution company is much in demand?

This rapid development of intelligent technology makes it easy to identify. Hardware and electronics prices are steadily decreasing, so the cost of connectivity and embedded sensors is now turning to companies that want to adopt smart technologies. iot solution provider

More and more companies each year began to accept sensors and connectivity to obtain higher value. Not only by promising data, but also by providing more effective IoT security solutions and long-term savings by actively eliminating accidents.

These smart city IoT products measure and react, but ultimately protect individuals and prevent tragic accidents and health problems.

How is IoT solution and services implemented?

This modern smart technology has influenced personal protection equipment (PPE) coverage. Many industry workers rely on such protective equipment to ensure their safety.

For those wishing to use PPE in their business activities, there is a common goal: to provide safety equipment that complies with government regulations, as well as to prevent workplace injuries and related costs.

smart city iot solutions


The Problems

It is completely up to employers to purchase ‘smart’ safety equipment and to adhere to safety regulations.  The goal that they all share is to increase user safety while decreasing injury-related costs (as well as adhering to existing regulations).

From quarries to warehouses and construction sites, these work environments experience many hazards and dangers to staff. In 2017/18 there were 1.4 million workers suffering from a work-related illness, according to the HSE (Health and Safety Executive). There were 144 workers killed at work and £15 billion estimated cost of injuries and ill health from current working conditions.*

PPE Innovations

Manufacturers are looking for innovative ways to improve workers ‘ health and safety through PPE and intelligent technologies. US producer Scott Safety has developed some PPE wearable and sensor-built solutions for firefighters, including a gas mask with a thermal camera.

IoT system delivers innovation. With PPE companies begin to produce technology that improves performance while minimizing errors. Smart PPE can be any type of personal protective equipment that is connected to the Internet and is capable of providing real-time security information. The main objective of Smart EPP is to reduce the risk of workers to carefully collect the collected data.

Smart PPE Reporting Real-time efficiency allows managers to identify and accurately determine when an employee is in danger, and how often.

Smart Sensors

Many industries understand the benefits of smart sensors and Internet-related technologies for data adoption. In the United States, more than 1/3 manufacturers collect data using smart sensors to enable them to improve efficiency and operational processes.

Smart PPE improves productivity through connectivity and remote communication with live updates. Sensors can automate the process of manual work. For example, it may replace the Manual check of vessel containers. It can be replaced with an intelligent app and a sensor that monitors the changes in the leakage or temperature of these containers.

How Does It Work?

When a leak is detected in the container, the smart system sends an alert directly to the control room. The sensors have connectivity to mobile apps and storage on the cloud, making it easier and more efficient to create a safer environment and save time and expense.

Smart City IoT Solutions Technology for Health and Safety

The prevention of accidents and the active search for ways to save lives in work saves the cost of accidents at work is a challenging task. The industry is gradually recognizing that smart sensors and components, as well as connectivity and data storage, allow personal protective equipment to offer better health and safety solutions to IoT solutions for manufacturing.

“Intelligent” health and safety equipment can identify “pain points” or areas where there is an increased risk of potential accidents. There have already been studies in the oil industry with a network of connected sensors that prevent accidents in offshore oil platforms.

The Importance of Data Management

The industrial workplace, be it a quarry, warehouse, port or mine, can easily be reported and ignored in near-accident and risk zones.

Suraj Informatics Insight is a cloud management system that works in conjunction with all of the Suraj informatics systems to identify, monitor, and record the entire website activity so that possible incidents can be easily analysed, including events without and high-risk activities.

How Insights Work?

Suraj Informatics Insight is a cloud-based system used by site managers and supervisors. The system allows them to make clear and informed decisions about site security via IoT solution and services.

The system provides users with essential information, which is registered by each Suraj informatics Smart City Iot solution system, and is displayed in a user-friendly, graphical message format. This makes it easy to analyze events and identify incidents such as events that are almost unknown, or high risk measures.

Insights also can check battery levels, track staff and vehicle movements, limit access and more.

Suraj Informatics Insight uses data management through its own WiFi network, and allows the user to:

  • Identify, analyze, and compare events
  • Manage Safety performance
  • Apply close to long messages
  • Set Alerts
  • Generate reports and share your data
  • Link with GPS location tracking module
  • Links with other Suraj applications

Smart City IoT Solutions & Technological solutions are mandatory for your workplace and staff safety. Suraj Informatics applications use RFID (radio frequency identification) technology to detect those employees who work in the immediate vicinity of careers in vehicles such as wheel loaders, trucks and careers excavators. RFID technology provides detection without sight lines and can be “seen” by obstacles.

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