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Reduce Risk Of Collisions Within Ports And Terminals:

More than 6 million vehicles and trailers carrying more than 500 million tons of cargo pass through different ports around the world each year.

Keeping your workforce safe has never been more important. Vehicles that move large loads have a significantly higher risk of colliding with pedestrians. By transporting large loads, especially when driving around blind angles or operating on busy or cramped spaces, the driver’s vision can be obscured or restricted. The consequences of an accident with a range stacker can be devastating and life changing.

Unfortunately, accidents can occur and people were seriously injured or killed by the driver of a large industrial vehicle not aware that a person was near to their vehicle.

Suraj Informatics uses RFID technology to establish a 360-degree detection zone, often referred to as a danger zone or collision risk zone around a vehicle or asset –With the help of detection antennas, single or multiple zones with a detection range of 3-9 meters can be installed.

How does it Work?

  • Antenna mounted on the vehicle – offers a complete detection area of the degree 360 around the vehicle.
  • Vehicle Control Box – provides a visually audible alarm for the driver in the cab of the identified personnel.
  • Personnel Tag – Personnel carry tags that are detected by the vehicles and raise the alarm.

Our Warning System can be installed on all vehicle types in ports and terminals, including forklifts, container handlers, forklifts and terminal tugs with a range of options for permanent or temporary installations.

Suraj Informatics can operate at Crossing and Walkways to alert approaching vehicles used with access control to prevent unauthorized access to the site and to protect assets from vehicle collisions and high-risk areas. For more information, please contact us on +91-22- 40309800 or E-mail.

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