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Vehicle Detection System

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Suraj Informatics Vehicle Detection System is a long range vehicle to vehicle detection solution designed to give an early cautioning alarm to the driver when vehicles approach one another. Our system provides a low cost solution helping to reduce the risk of collisions between industrial vehicles.

Our Vehicle Detection System is ideally suited for large scale off highway applications where vehicle movements and mixed vehicle types are operating together for example, open cast mines and quarries.

Detection between vehicles requires observable pathway with a detection distance up to 70 meters. Options are accessible for shorter distances relying upon various factors such as environment and traffic concentration inside the zone of activity. Our advance system is able to communicate and provide a warning for up to 15 vehicles within the predetermined threshold at any one time.

The primary control unit will record and save events including detections. This information can be downloaded from the control unit and viewed using Suraj Informatics software via an android smart phone and our hosted cloud for further reporting and analysis. Identification information helps to recognizes risk hot spots and improve traffic management.

How Does It Works?

  • On smaller vehicles and machinery a single Suraj Informatics antenna is fitted over the rooftop emitting a 360° line of sight safety detection zone of up to 70 metres.
  • On larger vehicles multiple Suraj Informatics antennas are fitted to the both sides of vehicle, also to the front and back of vehicle to create the 360° line of sight detection zone of up to 70 metres.


The Suraj Informatics Vehicle Detection System Provides:

  • A Low cost solution.
  • Features antenna and in cab control unit.
  • 360° Field of view.
  • Up to 70m observable pathway detection.
  • Capable of being heard visual cautioning alert .
  • Android application and cloud facilitated software tools.


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