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Accidental collisions among vehicles and people is one of the greatest concerns on a manufacture site as it remains a primary cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries to worker and non-worker. The vision of the driver is frequently impaired due to carrying large loads, driving around blind corners or trying to man oeuvre the vehicle around tight or difficult objects or roads. In conditions where vehicle operators and people work in close proximity to one another the risk of an accidental collision is therefore increased.

Suraj Informatics Vehicle to Person Alert is a proximity warning detection system explicitly designed to help prevent accidental collisions between industrial vehicles and pedestrian workers. Offering a flexible solution, the Vehicle to Person Alert framework fits to all vehicle types from materials taking care of hardware to plant.

The system immediately provides a warning when a person wearing a tag enters the detection zone around the vehicle, emitting an audible visual alert from the in-cab control unit. A person’s presence is instantly warned to the operator so that operator can take appropriate safety precautions. At the point when the tag is never again distinguished in the exclusion area the alarm will stop.

How Does It Work?

A Suraj Informatics unit is fitted to the vehicle inside the cab control unit and the dynamic tag is worn by the pedestrians working in the surrounding region of the vehicle. When a person wearing an active tag enters the detection zone around the vehicle the system will give a warning to the vehicle driver. If the person is in close range to the vehicle the operator is notified by the alarm that and can take appropriate action to prevent a collision. The alarm will stop automatically once the person has left the detection zone and is in a safe distance.

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