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Enterprise Mobility Services has exploded with the advent of consumer apps and IoT solutions. Companies around the world are taking advantage of this revolution and taking advantage of mobile solution technology.

Today computer user is more mobile than ever before; need access to company resources while they are in the office, at home and on the road using a variety of different devices including desktops, laptops and handhelds. Our Mobile Solutions Services makes the management of the mobile work environment and its multiple mobile devices simple and efficient with an integrated set of tools that streamline IT management processes across your traditional and mobile computing solutions environments. This lets you give users consistent, unified access to resources wherever they within the premise or outside. We offer the assurance of cutting-edge and we are best Enterprise Mobility Services Provider that support the latest in devices, communications methods, and mobile managed support.

This lets you give users consistent, unified access to resources wherever they within the premise or outside. We offer the assurance of cutting-edge mobile solutions that support the latest in devices, communications methods, and mobile managed support.

Information in Motion-

Our enterprise mobility solutions computing products and services help deliver information on demand to mobile work forces.

Mobile Computing Solutions Services empower mobile work forces by increasing efficiency and improving productivity – essential elements for business growth, profitability and competitiveness.


Enterprise Mobile Computing Solutions For Every Application:

Suraj Informatics offers a broad portfolio of products that deliver innovative, quality and dependable mobile solutions to our customers, many of which are RFID enabled. World-class wireless infrastructure products, such as network controllers and wireless gateways, deliver high performance and secure solutions for data capture, transfer and access. Our hand-held, vehicle-mount and tablet wireless data devices cover the spectrum of user needs, with exceptional ruggedness, reliability, ergonomics and flexibility that are tailored to customer applications and environments.

Our enterprise mobility services transform challenges into opportunity and gives you an upper hand in the industry. We respond to our customers with unique mobile solutions to our clients which help them manage their business better. Our unique enterprise mobility solutions not only give helps in encasing your customers, but it also proficiently manages your employees.

Fits With Your Technology:

Flexibility and integration are cornerstones of our solutions. We offer the broadest choice, or combination, of radio technologies: 802.11a, b, g; 2.4 GHz, 5.8 GHz, and wide area GSM/GPRS, and CDMA 1x technology.


Empower your employees with Enterprise Mobility Solutions and Mobile Computing Devices-

Give your employees access to the critical data where they need it, whether inside the the company or outside the four walls. As a leading Enterprise Mobility Solutions Provider of the industry- we can help you find the mobile computing devices to meet your business’s needs.

General Data helps organizations in manufacturing, healthcare, and retail industries leverage the latest technologies for mobile data collection, label management, and printing. As we are a leader in the industry’s leading enterprise mobility technology providers, we offer everything we need for a comprehensive enterprise mobility solution, including hardware, field service software. Our Mobility Integration Services expertise and comprehensive plans to protect your investment.

For enterprise mobile computing applications such as inventory management, asset tracking and field service, we have mobile devices that will meet your needs and budget.

Recommended Applications are-

– Inventory Management
– Asset Tracking
– Field Service
– Medication Administration
– Patient Rounds
– Direct Store Delivery

Suraj informatics Thinks Solutions:

We understands that our customers are looking for mobile computing solutions that address their business requirements, and deliver real value to their business operations. With our unique Mobile Computing Solutions Services, you can reach the last mile of desired process improvements and productivity – especially among teams that are frequently mobile.

To improve our customer business operations. We listen to the voice of our customers to make sure that the development of our current and future solutions responds to our customer’s needs. We help you gain a rapid time-to-market advantage by using our customizable pre-built mobile solutions that integrate with your systems.


Enterprise Mobile Device Staging-

As we move to a more enterprise mobile society the issues related to the monitoring and management enterprise mobile devices becomes more of an issue. Ensure that all the enterprise devices are working optimally, have the latest software versions, and performing updates remotely are important parts of getting the productivity desired.

When rolling out mobile devices it is essential that they are configured and tested before being put into the hands of your users. Suraj Informatics will ensure your enterprise devices:

• Installing the latest versions of operating systems and manufacturers software.
• Loading and testing your specific software applications.
• Performing cellular activation of the device and SIM card instillation if necessary.
• Set up WAN and LAN wireless networks.

To Get Best Enterprise Mobile Computing Solutions Services-

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