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A terminal’s entry and exit gate operations have long been a bottleneck of congestion as traffic volumes increase in the world’s marine and inter modal facilities. This congestion, and the costs of staffing personnel to accommodate it, has given rise to the widespread introduction Gate Automation OCR technology in the gate areas. Gate OCR Portal System provides centralized optical character recognition (OCR), identification and inspection of containerized cargo and equipment entering and exiting the terminal via over-the-road trucks.

The solution uses an open, modular, and network-enabled architecture and delivers unparalleled accuracy and 24/7 up-time in the most extreme weather conditions. Relying on solid-state illumination, gate ocr solutions system requires minimal electrical supply to operate and is far more reliable as a result.

Gate Automation OCR System help you to plan, track and monitor all container movements on your terminal, from arrival until departure, including booking, document handling and invoicing. In addition to previously available planning solutions, Gate OCR Portal System provides you with the capability to fully optimize your land- and quayside operations.



Reduces Traffic at Gate Portal

Total Time Taken Inside is Available

Ultra-Compact OCR Portal Design Fits in Any Gate Lane

Optional Classification of Equipment Type, IMO Label, Size, RFID Seal, etc.

Automated OCR of Container, Chassis, Genset and License Plate Numbers

Makes The Process Smooth

Onsite Support and Maintenance

Accountability of All Vehicle In Premises

In-Motion Equipment Processing and Flexible Traffic Control

Solid-State LED Illumination with Variable Output Control Operates in any Weather

Increases A Layer of Security

24/7 Remote Monitoring of All Equipment

Unmatched Experience With Over 300+ Lanes in Operation

Fully Redundant, IP – Based Hardware Architecture For Operations in Premises

Full-Color Damage Inspection Imaging of Front/Rear, Sides and Top

Automated OCR validation and control of people and devices moving inside, outside, and within a container facility increases operational productivity, safety, and security.

Gate OCR Automation solutions makes container OCR facilities safer, environmentally friendly and more productive. Suraj Informatics Gate Automation OCR System increases gate throughput significantly measured in moves per hour without expansion or more personnel. This significantly reduces the cost of operating the door. Faster door operation reduces congestion, improves traffic flow and reduces emissions. People monitor and treat exceptions from a control room, which excludes the risk of accidents on the lanes.

Gate OCR Portal is the most widely deployed gate OCR system. Our 4th generation Gate Automation OCR technology is based on our proprietary OCR engine and leverages high-resolution IP-based cameras with innovative solid state LED illumination.

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