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Safety Detection System

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As more machines are integrated into the industrial facility automation and logistic automation processes, the need to guarantee safe techniques of individuals working with machines elevates. Providing that much needed safe working environment is therefore imperative, so as to guarantee smooth productivity and the safety of workers.

Over the years, safety in workplace has developed quickly, from detailed safety procedures, to strict Laws and Acts to guarantee that organizations comply with safety requirements. To provide a safe working environment for the employees this development puts more responsibility onto the employers. Safe machinery therefore prevents the employers and the operating organizations from prosecutions.


Safety Detection System

When you factor in moving vehicles and work force, all operating system within close proximity to an asset, the risk of accidental collision is dramatically increased. Suraj Informatics Safety Detection System has been explicitly designed to help prevent collisions and reduce the risk of collision damage to assets and hazards while increasing safety and awareness across the work site. The asset protection system works by placing safety detection Systems on or around an asset or hazard. Each system has a built in tag which creates a no go detection zone around the asset or product. The cone is detected by a Suraj Informatics antenna fitted to all vehicles operating around the safety cones.

How it Works

  • Inside each vehicle is a Suraj Informatics in-cab control unit with capable of being heard visual alarm and detection antenna.
  • The antenna creates a continuous detection zone around the vehicle with a configurable range of 3 – 9 meters.
  • When the Safety Detection System identifies a safety detection tag in close proximity to the vehicle, the control unit produces a perceptible visual alert inside the cab warning the operative of the possible collision risk to the asset.
  • Safety precautions can be taken by slowing down or changing course to maintain a strategic distance from an impact by the operator.
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