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Increase Personnel Safety within Waste and Recycling:

Recycling is the process of used materials into new useful products. Along with that it also helps to reduce the use of raw materials. Recycling is a great way of controlling air, water and land pollution and it require less energy. Waste management is the activity and measures necessary to manage waste from the beginnings to the last disposal. These include the collection, transport, treatment and disposal of waste, as well as monitoring and regulating the waste management process.

The waste management and recycling industry has a higher work environment transport accident than in many other industry segments. One of the common reasons of worker injuries including fatalities is pedestrian workers being struck by moving vehicles.

Injury types in waste and recycling Industry:

  • Slipping and tripping – They were responsible for 37% of all serious injuries in the industry over the same period.
  • Manual handling accidents – Nearly half of reported injuries that led to work victims for more than three days were caused by manual handling.
  • Falls from height – accounts for 18% of all injuries in the industry.
  • Struck by the object – accounts for 7% of all injuries in the industry.
  • Being cut or stabbed by sharp objects – such as needles, cans or glass

Waste management and recycling activities such as waste collection plants, material recycling plants, scrap yards and landfills involve the use of a variety of large industrial vehicles or mobile installations. The risks to pedestrians are significant. Accidents between pedestrians and vehicles during maneuvering, reversing, loading, unloading or tilting are the main risk factors at these sites. Visibility is also a problem in landfills because of the dust caused by the materials on the site.

How does it Works?

  • Antenna mounted on the vehicle – offers a complete detection zone of 360 degrees around the vehicle.
  • Vehicle Control Box – provides an acoustic visual alarm to the driver in the cabin of the identified personnel.
  • Tag – Staff wear tags that are detected by vehicles and raise the alarm.

Implementing Suraj Informatics local Warning Management Systems can help prevent accidents and reduce the risks between pedestrians and industrial transport vehicles in waste management and recycling.

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