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Reduce Risk of  Vehicle Collisions Within Mines And Quarries:

Quarrying are one of the most dangerous industries to work in. From past few decades, many workers have suffered an injury and many of them were injured. Quarrying devices use large, powerful, excavation, transport, grinding and processing equipment to extract and process minerals. In many accidents where industrial vehicles were on the move, the lack of all-round visibility has played a significant role for the driver.

What Site Management must consider:

Improper separation of pedestrians and vehicles can lead to accidents that could have been avoided by carefully planning and properly designing the quarry or surface mine. Pedestrian safety must come first in developing the manager’s rules, location and vehicle.

Fitting devices such as Suraj Informatics can significantly improve safety on site. Motorists are being made aware of pedestrians near the vehicle while being informed of approaching industrial vehicles.

Suraj Informatics uses RFID technology to establish a 360 degree detection zone, often referred to as a danger zone or collision risk zone around a vehicle or active. With the help of detection antennas, single or multiple zones with a detection range of 2-9 meters can be installed.

Implementing our warning systems can help prevent accidents and reduce the risks between pedestrians and work transport vehicles in the mining and quarrying sector and it can be mounted on a variety of large industrial vehicles and fixed assets found in quarries and open mines.

The most important step is to identify the hazards on site such as:-

  • Vehicle movements / proximity to pedestrians
  • Underfoot conditions
  • Rock Faces, Rock Piles and Stockpiles
  • Blasting practices.
  • Fixed-Plant access / proximity
  • Water’s edge issues
  • Environmental factors – weather conditions, lighting
  • Other operational activities ( e.g. Plant & Site maintenance )
  • Dynamic nature of quarry site
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