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Reduce the rate of Aviation accidents :

Busy airports, short turnaround times and limited space are just some of the factors that can increase pressure on service companies that conduct apron activities before flying planes.

Many vehicles including gear transporters, re-fueling trucks, re-stocking trucks and cleaning vans are required to work in close proximity to aircraft during these activities.

Before the aircraft is given the all clear to fly if any contact or collision is made with the aircraft by a service vehicle a damage inspection will have to be carried out. This results in additional costs incurred by the operator of the aircraft as it delays the departure of the aircraft.

Any serious damage that cannot be repaired on the airport apron will require a replacement aircraft or a flight cancellation, which can be extremely costly, consume and damage the reputation of an airline.

Our services can be deployed to protect the aircraft to assist service operators working in close proximity to aircraft and to reduce the risk of collision.

Pre-flight apron activities include:

  • Approaching aircraft with engines running
  • Traveler disembarkation and embarkation
  • Baggage/ load handling
  • Aircraft maintenance and support
  • Fueling
  • Cooking arrangement and Cleaning

Suraj Informatics is particularly effective for reducing risk in Aerospace and Aviation applications:

  • In all types of industrial vehicles, it can be installed.
  • Gives a full 360º detection zone from 2-9m around the vehicle or dangerous zone.
  • Alerts the vehicle driver that the detection zone has been breached so essential move can be made to avoid an accident.
  • Suraj Informatics data logs any breaches, this makes it helpful when investigating accidents or near misses.

Suraj Informatics guarantees full protection of an aircraft while it is on the apron particularly to vital parts such as the engines, wheels and fuselage. Reduce the risk of vehicle collisions and provide immediate protection for our ground staff so they can deploy the system quickly.

Our service gives a low cost solution to help reduce the risk of collisions between service vehicles and high value resources such as aircraft during pre-flight apron activities.

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