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Suraj Informatics offers Terminal Automation Solutions Service and port automated devices, have been developed to drive greater efficiencies at your port terminal. Our Terminal Automation Solutions result in lower overall operational costs, improved security and better equipment availability. We can help you plan the most appropriate approach to automate your terminal processes, devices, or a combination of both. With our port automation solutions service, you have the freedom to choose the combination of best products and services that meets your needs.

Whether it is edible oils, chemicals or petrochemicals: Effective terminal automation control relies on accurate and reliable process measurements such as level and flow. From high-precision tanks to the transfer of high-viscosity products, we are the ideal partner to help you choose the most suitable device. But measurement processes are just the beginning.

We understand the specific requirements of Ports and Shipping Industry. We help you to plan and build a stable, robust, scalable and flexible IT and Telecom Infrastructure to reduce operations cost and increase the productivity.

Our solutions can help make your Port Automation business smarter in three ways:

  • It can help you improve your daily port operations by optimizing your processes, by automating actions within your terminal that would have been done manually.
  • You can be better informed on how your terminal devices and overall port operations are performing, and by being able to access your termnal equipment operational information in real time.
  • Finally, Suraj Informatics can assist your operators across a range of operational tasks, by making it easier, quicker and safer for them to move containers.

Importance Of Port Automation

Port Automation can be defined as the use of integrated technologies to develop intelligent solutions for efficient traffic and flow control across the port, thereby increasing port capacity and port efficiency.

Terminal Automation Systems typically provide cloud-based software to create ready-to-use flows that support the smooth operation of the port. At present, most of the world’s ports have some integrated technologies. However, thanks to global government initiatives and the exponential growth of maritime trade, the number of smart ports has gradually increased.

One of the most critical moments in modern container shipping and transport occurs on land — at the port terminal where 30 ton containers must be unloaded, moved and stacked, and shipped back to land.

These port terminals, which are characterized by open areas as large as and expensive logistics equipment, are beginning to provide more real-time, remote instructions for machine operators to upgrade their technology, thus providing better container tracking for security reasons and expediting container logistics. Our Port Automation Solutions enables these shipping terminals to replace slow and limited narrowband with wireless connectivity with 2.4/ 5.8 GHz Wi-Fi.

Moving among the terminal containers, workers will find that their Wi-Fi enabled handheld devices receive and transmit information easily and quickly. With SIPL’s, workers don’t have to search for hot spots connectivity, since the entire terminal has been blanketed with Suraj Wi-Fi coverage. Managers now have real time information about the, security, condition and location of a single container, as well as an overview of the entire logistics operation without delay from slow data rates or workers positioned in large gaps of connectivity.

Terminal Automation Systems processes brings a wide range of benefits, especially in terms of overall cost reduction and more efficient use of your equipment fleet. As the world’s leading provider in this area, we offer a wide range of solutions, including wireless system process solutions and equipment to realize automated terminals. Our product and concept development focuses on the seamless integration of fully automated terminal operations that reduce costs and improve security and efficiency at your terminal.

Our company is known for providing world-class services and products. We gain confidence by working with integer and demonstrating our long-term commitment to the markets we serve. We offer powerful port solutions through world-class services, products and support for our customers. We are committed to continuously support individual customers and markets. We understand the critical challenges and issues facing our customers today and will work as dedicated partners on innovative terminal solutions. Our team delivers exceptional value by proactively helping to develop port and terminal solutions and responding quickly and effectively to support our customers and the communities they serve. We know that you take your responsibilities very seriously and that you can count on us to do what we promise.

Suraj Informatics terminal automation operation makes your business smarter. For more information on our port automation services.

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