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Crossing Alert System

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Pedestrian crossings on busy work sites provide a risk area for collisions among individuals and work site vehicles. An accidental collision generally occurs when a person on foot is unconscious of a moving toward vehicle, distracted or unfamiliar with the site, especially in busy and noisy conditions. There is additionally higher chances of a crash between a vehicle and individual at busy environment such as a worksite, warehouse, manufacturing or production environment where the workers are new to their surroundings or are distracted during work.

Suraj Informatics Crossing Alert System helps to separate site traffic and pedestrians through audible visual warnings and restricting movement of pedestrians or vehicles. Frequently, when vehicles approach a crossing from around corners, blind spots or where there is an obstruction the risk of collision is higher. The Suraj Informatics Crossing Alert System has been explicitly designed to prevent accidental collisions by warning people at crossing points of an approaching vehicle.

Other than that our Crossing Alert Systems help improve forklift safety by separating plant machinery traffic and people using audible visual warnings and restricted movement. These systems help to increase the awareness among people and drivers of their surroundings by increasing the rate of collision avoidance in the work place.

How The Crossing Alert System Work:

  • The industrial vehicle is fitted with a Suraj Informatics tag and the units are placed along a walkway, at a crossing point, at a blind corner or beside a roller shade entryway.
  • To warn vehicle drivers at crossing point or walkway these units can be placed near a blind corner or on a wall.
  • These units make their very own 360 degrees identification zone.
  • When the vehicle enters the detection zone, the tag triggers an alarm to alert the workers of the approaching vehicles and that it is not yet safe to cross.
  • The alarm will stop after the vehicle has left the recognition zone.


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