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Reduce Risk of Accidental Vehicle Collisions within Construction:

To reduce the risk of fatal accidents and deaths in the construction industry is not an easy task, by taking effective and timely preventative measures is the only way out. The construction industries have the most number of accidents, injuries and deaths than compare to other work areas. The possibility of fatal accidents involving vehicles and falls from the extreme height are the most common reasons that make the construction work dangerous.


On average, every third fatal accidents on a site involved one or more vehicles. Common transport accidents at work include:

  • Victims are wedged by moving vehicles, especially while reversing.
  • People who hit by things falling from vehicles or falls from moving vehicles.
  • Overturning the vehicles causing serious injury.

The biggest safety problems at the sites are caused by many types of industrial vehicles and pedestrians working on the site simultaneously, close together. In addition, visibility can be mediocre for vehicle driver due to the dust caused by the materials on the site. Therefore, it is very important that the operator of the construction vehicle has the full view around the vehicle at all times.

Implementing Suraj Informatics Warning Management System can help prevent accidents and reduce the risks between pedestrians and industrial transport vehicles in the construction area.

How does it Work?

  • The digger was equipped with two Suraj Informatics units (vehicle and digger arm) and the pedestrian has a tag.
  • Our unit creates a 360 degree, detection zone around the vehicle and digger arm.
  • When the pedestrian wearing the tag enters the capture zone, a loud visual alarm is triggered in the vehicle cabin to alert the driver.
  • the alarm is terminated, as soon as the person leaves the security area.
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