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Automatic gates require driver interaction outside. The Suraj Informatics Driver kiosk is created internally and in accordance with precise design/engineering specifications and is based on the highest quality of materials used. Key performance features include:

  • Robust to ensure consistent work in severe environments
  • Climate evidence to withstand extreme weather conditions
  • Create modules to support multiple configurations
  • Easy to install and require one connection
  • Always easy to service

All elements of the truck driver’s dialogue are integrated in the front panel, which provides a very good supply of components in case of unforeseen disruption.

All equipment is connected to the back plate using industrial connectors. This makes the changing of components or even a simple new door entrance. If new functionality is required (for example, a handheld scanning reader), you can create a new front door or an original construction space by using a modular plate.

The size of the pedestal also allows to deploy additional equipment from the surrounding equipment, such as controllers, switches, media converters, etc. The functions of the driver’s podium in this case function as “field equipment cabinet”.

In cases where only limited configurations are required for sites where, for example, only the card reader and intercom device are required, a “slim pedestal” is developed. It suits the same look and feel, but it is more profitable. Such pedestal positions are often placed in ASC transfer points.

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