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Suraj Informatics created the port Automation and security system (PASS) with its proven and intuitive PASS Navigator GUI to fulfill the data merge requirements for container Terminal automation and provides the simplified control sensor Technology. PASS is a layer of software designed to work as middle ware between the different sensors and the (terminal) host system.
Suraj Informatics considers that, in order to reduce risks, reduce costs and support short implementation times, minimum adaptations to existing systems are necessary. In order to achieve the goal, we have previously integrated each subsystem with PASS, which leaves only the interface of the host system, which is client specific. Integration with all major suppliers of TOS already exists.

electronic GOS

Port Automation and Security System Navigator GOS Support:

• Search OCR results, view pictures and videos
• Exception treatment for control operations
• Dashboard/heartbeat to prevent problems
• Position control of barriers, traffic lights, etc.
• Control of hardware Device settings
• Monitor Process KPI
• Reports and exports for analysis
• Stepping up work and related messaging
The PASS Navigator GUI is defined with the direct user input that uses the system in daily operation.

When deploying PASS, operations receive optimum control over the movement of containers, equipment, people,

• Exceptions to the process are real-time and appear on one line
• Resolving exceptions from anywhere with a Web client
• Allows you to filter out exceptions and provide all the necessary information to quickly resolve errors
• Allow multiple problem managers from multiple locations to work on a single line in line with mechanisms such as the first one.
In addition, the dashboard in the process KPI contains pointers that give you a quick impression of how the system and actions work.

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