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Location Software is used when the development of  video surveillance solution is a different for  a large and multi-local organization ball game compared to a simple video-surveillance of any small organization. Whereas large organizations require stable security, centralized visibility, full control, rapid response, real-time activation and intelligent analysis. Location Solutions Software helps in providing such location based services.

The size, structure, diversity, hierarchy and compliance of the company poses enormous challenges in fulfilling these expectations. Location tracking software helps to ease these challenges. Lastly, the video-surveillance budget and ROI depend on capital investment (software, servers, storage, networking and cameras) and periodicals (bandwidth, backup archiving and maintenance). Of course, any small, scattered, fixed and simplified video surveillance solution cannot meet the needs of a large and growing organization. The Matrix offers a company-wide video-surveillance system, designed, constructed and built specifically for modern and growing organization.

location solutions software

Benefits Of RFID Location Tracking Software

  • One dashboard for multiple site monitoring
  • Up to 1000 concurrent loggings
  • Video Wall/Multifunction Support
  • Playing a reasonable investigative technique to save time
  • User-defined roles and privileges that correspond to organizations in a hierarchical layout
  • Seamless integration with all other solutions
  • Real-time communication on preventive safety

Accessibility via TV / laptop / smartphone / tablet


Most video-surveillance solutions do not differ from their solutions according to different customer requirements. For this reason, they finally provide companies with the same level of security as they provide to other customers.

This lack of security makes it reluctant for companies to install CCTV solutions, especially in very sensitive areas such as R & amp D center. Most traditional systems are designed for a single user, operating on a single computer/server that is not suitable for multi-location organizations with centralized control.

Suraj Informatics Video Surveillance provides centralized system management with clearly defined user roles. Its distributed architecture enables centralized configuration, user-based roles and privileges, user Activity Audit trail and IP address/MAC controlled system access.


Large organizations are a combination of many systems that operate in accordance with the desired result. Such organizations   need security systems that can compare and link information and events from different systems, such as access control, fire alarms, building management, telecommunications, etc. Traditional systems are different and not integrated, leaving the coordination task to people. This leads to a delay in response, poorly informed decisions and a lack of coordinated action.

In Video Surveillance, We provide seamless video surveillance integration with other security solutions such as access control, fire alarm, intrusion detection system, etc. In addition, this integration is at the database level, which allows for better control of end security with sharper investigation and faster investigation response.

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