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Multimodal Logistics – Challenges & Opportunities

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Multimodal Logistics – Challenges & Opportunities

This event is sponsored by Suraj informatics Pvt.Ltd

GLOBALISATION has led to increased competition, thus thrusting the traditional management systems towards more contemporary operations. This, in turn, has brought to focus the need for strong hinterland connectivity and greater efficiency in logistics and transport facilities. This is primarily achieved by creating strong intermodal links between gateways and hinterland and between different transport modes. Eventually, the prime focus of the logistics service providers is on responding to the accelerating demands of the end-users, who need speedier and cost effective services in this fast-paced, competitive world.

On one hand, evacuation of cargo from the port and movement to the port areas have to be properly synchronised so that the intermodal network functions smoothly. On the other, it is crucial to improve road and rail connectivity by upgrading infrastructure to increase the load-carrying capacity and quality of roads as well as the capacity of railways to meet future traffic demand.

Not only has trade between countries surged, but there are also new ways of cooperation between firms, where coordination of goods and information flows crosswise of the firms play an important role. Therefore development of an effective transport strategy is now more of a central challenge.

At Conquest 2008, New Delhi, an international conference on infrastructure, logistics & transport, eminent and experienced speakers will throw light on how to enhance hinterland connectivity to ensure seamless movement for the end-users and boost multimodal transportation a vital need to keep pace in this era of cut-throat competition.

The event will be transformed into a powerful platform where industry leaders will convene to explore new paths and innovative strategies to enhance India’s multimodal logistics and, simultaneously, enhance India’s trade outlook for the future.

Wednesday – Thursday, 9th – 10th April 2008
Intercontinental The Grand New Delhi

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