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Importance of Parking Management

Increasing car use in and around continental Venice has caused accessibility problems and congestion. The Big Short-term parking lot (from 0 to 4 hours) has contributed to parking problems in the heart of Mestre. In response, on the outskirts of Mestre were established public transport hubs in the park and the journey places.The MOBILIS project, two park and driving points were deployed to the mainland. Surveys carried out between 2002 and 2003 showed that the regulation of the appropriate parking system could help to drive the maximum hourly traffic flow and improve conditions for pedestrians and cyclists.

Parking management software companies use to optimise parking, manage car arrivals and provide both car and human security. Parking management software helps organizations control access to parking places, manage multiple types of fees, and process payments.Integrates with video-surveillance software or image capture and recognition solutions is a part of parking management. It is also important that parking management is integrated with the software for entry and exit stations, as well as with POS or payment stations.

To qualify for inclusion in the parking management category, the product:
  • Manage different types of parking spaces (e.g. disabled, VIP, guests) and their location
  • Track people and cars for inbound and outbound traffic
  • Define and manage the parking space for several locations
  • Create and track parking permits and passes for different duration or location times
  • Provide or integrate payment processing functionality
  • Report on the use of premises, revenues and other KPIs

Our goal is to provide smart parking management solutions that not only optimize your parking programs, but also provide convenient solutions for drivers. From smart parking integration to processing of irregularities to availability information, we can help you reduce costs and street congestion. By integrating technology with our proven strategies to effectively manage the programs, you will get powerful results for your organization.




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