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What are some unique points that the factory should take into account when setting up Factory and Plant security process?

Physical safety specifications for power plant safety are extremely complex. By setting up its security process, factories need to test several risk factors: risk segmentation, alternative power supply, landscape characteristics, and industry specific requirements.

In order to decent rate risks, site geography monitoring can be segmented into several access control systems run by several parallel networks.

It is of utmost importance to provide an alternative external power supply system and to provide it separately for the operational and restoration of power plant security, even if the main electricity from the installation itself is excluded.

Since power plants are industrial plants based on natural resources, the security of access to equipment must support the environment by discovering landscape changes. Protection from air threats is an additional challenge, especially in view of drone’s attacks.

Well-developed factory and plant security forces must always put in place tailor-made solutions for substations or switches – they should not be left unattended even when the equipment has a 24/7 surveillance system. Sometimes the best option for substations is to include them in the general access control system. In other cases they may have an additional standalone access control point. For peripheral safety, including insulated high-voltage power lines and control towers, an appropriate risk mitigation strategy for the concrete factory is required.

Due to the high risk and potentially devastating consequences, savings are not one of the factors influencing plant safety.

power plant security system service

Suraj Informatics Power Plant Security Solutions include electronic access control system, video surveillance system and other security software’s

Why should we take care of setting up security measures for the factory?

Physical attacks on power plants are rare; to maintain low risks and disasters as low as factory security should be aligned with national security strategies and introduce new access control technologies. Producers in the power-generating industries should be in the process of establishing security measures for power stations, since production plants operating fossil fuels, combustion turbines and hydropower or nuclear energy are considered to be critical installations with and critical assets. Critical objects are those in which a security attack or risk could turn off the mains supply while having harmful effects on people and society. Impedes services for a large number of customers and for longer periods; Public health and safety.


Plant protection measures implemented in electricity generation processes should also maintain critical assets. The external power source, environmental control and communications infrastructure must be physically protected against the harsh environment, high-sensitivity areas and the complex Earth architecture.

In addition to ensuring physical security, power plant security projects must address cyber security as well as organizational, authoring and administrative problems. The sector’s accident history has shown that the human factor plays an important role in the security of power plants. Manufacturers should therefore implement security measures to prevent unauthorized access to industrial premises and buildings, to prevent physical damage to the equipment and to protect confidential information from loss, theft, spying, sabotage or other industrial Crimes.

What is the ideal security system for an appliance?

The ideal safety for plant infrastructure is based on an electronic physical security system that offers integrated information, access and authorization protection. Power plant security solutions should include electronic access control and video surveillance, carried out in accordance with the highest industry data and standards.

Bearing in mind that plant safety needs to be adapted to the Earth architecture, it must be based on several layers of physical protection, including the control of electronic access through the detection of perimeter intrusion and video surveillance in critical assets.

Think of the plant safety segments: the protection of dams, turbine and coal power plants will require a comprehensive system consisting of IP access control camera monitoring, strong sensor detectors and armed personnel supervision.

Administrative buildings may not require strict physical segregation, such as steel fences and doors, but must provide a plant protection plan to allow immediate threat assessment and immediate response. A strict definition of “authorized personnel” for the Central Command area and for some individual team centers may have a distinct security role. If we take nuclear power plants, for example, the reactor requires the highest safety control and is usually located in the center to ensure maximum safety.

The power station should support the automated power generation system and, in several ways, even the smallest problems should be reported. Power plants are more certainly more-early warning and alert system is essential to operate in a timely manner and prevent disasters.

Suraj Informatics Power Plant Security Solutions include electronic access control system, video surveillance system and other security software’s

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