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Logistics is the term derived from the ancient Greek word known as “logos”. Logistics plays an important role in the world of incorporation of information, shipping, stock, warehousing, material handling as well as packaging. Hence, ports and logistics add importance to the world’s economy to wide extent. Therefore, it is a component of a flow of series that helps to create a plan, implementation and intends to obtain the proficiency, effectively of the flow of onward and backward stream and thus all the examinations and supportive details within the top of the source and lastly the purpose behind fulfilling the requirements of the customers. Therefore, there is a need to take preventive measures and Suraj Informatics is the only industry that provides security services from enterprise networking to web solutions.


  1. Management of Logistics and Shipping involves lot of process like application of trade and production procedure and to minimize its difficulty and Suraj Informatics is one of the leading technology which helps to control various kinds of threats and risks. It helps to plan methodically, organizing and implementing services in order of placement goods as well as services to its specific destination at a particular time limit. Hence, Suraj Informatics has proved to be the unique and leading in providing and fulfilling needs and expectations of the customers.
  2. Due to the management of the logistics control the development of various materials help to adjust to the changing conditions for a cost effective performance. Suraj Informatics has also been providing services for gate automation where the clarification involves the procedure of an open, modular and network-enabled architecture in the areas of Gate Automation. It also helps in the delivery of unparalleled accuracy and 24/7 hours of services during the times of intensive weather conditions. However, the gate OCR System supports to plan, track and monitor all the container movements on your end.
  3. Secondly, Suraj Informatics aims to provide its services for the advanced tracking and identification of the containerized cargo which is progressed through rail. Mainly it concentrates to operate its services for marine container terminals, traditional intermodal ramps, and multi tenant interchange yards and along with high-speed mainline tracks.
  4. With the help of trackside AEI readers, high resolution CCTV cameras and OCR software the system can identify tracks and archives the image and the equipment number information of a passing train. Lastly, it has also aimed to provide solution to its clients with improvised way of warehousing and distribution requirements by promoting safe and secure and environment friendly of storage and distribution of the products.


Suraj Informatics helps to understand the customer’s needs and solutions that can suit to his/her business and enhance to bring productivity output to their business operations. Therefore, in the management of ports and logistics, it tracks the location and view the history of assets in real-time and its position and movement ultimately resulting into the reduction of yard checks and improvised yard operations.

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