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By helping retail stores curb theft to improve safety in schools and hospitals, the video-surveillance system improves security and peace in any company. IP video-surveillance system is equipped with everything you need to install the system, so you know it’s designed to work well.

You can monitor inside and outside buildings with the wide range of camera types available, as well as record around the clock with day/night cameras. For harsh conditions, including public transport stops or seaports, outdoor cameras can handle extreme temperatures, dust and rain.

Here are  some of the advantages of commercial video surveillance:

  • Reduce yearly loss of theft
  • prevention of internal theft of workers and contractors
  • monitor daily activity
  • improve customer service dispose of offenders and and other actions
  • reduce liability from friable claims and lawsuits

Suraj Informatics helps us find out  how the monitoring system can help a variety of industries, including industry, construction and transport, and get tips on what to look for in your industry’s needs. Some things to consider are the camera-shaped factor, video quality, Mobile/remote live stream, and storage needs.

Commercial Businesses

With several years of experience in delivering quality video-surveillance solutions, we understand the security challenges that commercial enterprises face every day, including the risk of theft, accountability, vandalism and unfair staff behavior. a strong security plan will be created to fix these security issues and secure business.

Our service offerings include website security audits, camera recommendations, system configuration, Setup support, wireless network design, and more. You will receive unbeatable customer service and technical support when you do partnership with us.

Construction Site Security

Construction sites may face a unique range of security issues, including accidents, vandalism and material theft such as sawn wood, steel and copper pipes and wires. To ensure safety and reliability, a critical step is a skillfully planned construction safety system for installation throughout the site.

Video Surveillance. uses a unique tool combination to provide a tailored site-based tracking solution that suits your security needs. By using site Guard services, including ready-made security towers with surveillance cameras and other equipment, and trained safety specialists, we are working to provide a cost-effective security solution for your business. Benefits of Construction Site Security Services.

Critical Infrastructure

The critical infrastructure industry faces many security issues, including perimeter security, terrorist threats, theft, security breaches and violations.
Video Surveillance has developed sophisticated safety camera systems for a number of projects in the critical infrastructure sector and is armed with knowledge and knowledge to ensure that these facilities meet national security requirements.

Security Guard Services      

      Security guards are a common security solution for many businesses, but are they the best option for you? Security officers have many advantages, but there are also some drawbacks. Guards can’t be seen anywhere at the same time .If they’re in one place, they can’t see other sites on the site. They can also be attacked by a thief or a criminal who enters your site, leaving them unable to warn the authorities.Many companies will choose to use both security services and video surveillance solutions

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