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        One of the main methods of asset protection is the traffic control barrier, also known as a traffic item or bollard. Most people do not pay attention to them or acknowledge their presence, but the traffic control equipment protects us daily from possible vehicle avārijiem. Different barrier models are tactically implemented around commercial, industrial, residential and public facilities to prevent pedestrian injuries and property damage. Without the barriers to road safety, people and property would be seriously threatened.


Suraj Informatics provides all kinds of traffic management tools, mainly Gate Automation Solutions:

  • Traffic lights
  • Lane signage & Bill boards
  • Sensors


The combination of these mechanisms makes it possible to drive trucks using the equipment, subject to specific steps in the process that ensure efficient flow of traffic. All equipment is effectively integrated through Port Automation & Security System (PASS), which allows monitor status and control of any component remotely.

Additional functionality deployed through the PASS is the “queue” auto-management. If a large number of trucks are to be calculated at a particular point in the process, these trucks can be placed in line at the previous point in the process, holding the closed barriers.

Gate Barrier, Traffic Lights, Cross/Arrow boards

The pole barrier is often placed in the perimeter to control unauthorized access, often along with a traffic light, to clearly indicate the forklift’s status (Stop/departure). Above the gate and OCR bands The scissor/Arrow indicator is typically used to indicate whether the bar is open for business or not. This function is useful in cases of maintenance or queue mechanisms.

Lane Signage & Bill Boards

Where it is necessary to dynamically move a truck to a particular area (e.g. on the basis of a mark read while driving or in exceptional cases) or when it is necessary to inform a larger group of truck drivers, it may be Use lane guides and invoice plates.
Lane Signage can be positioned to indicate from a distance which band to choose. This is usually only necessary when the various types of lane are dynamically used, for example Different types of commercial vehicles or bands used in different directions.


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