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Reduce Risk Of Vehicle Collisions Around Forklift Trucks:

Keeping your workforce safe has never been more important. Vehicles that move large loads have a significantly higher risk of colliding with pedestrians. By transporting large loads, especially when driving around blind angles or operating on cramped or cramped spaces, the driver’s vision can be obscured or restricted. The consequences of an accident involving conveyor devices such as a forklift can be devastating and life changing.

There were 27 fatal injuries to workers in production during 2014-15, 23% more than the five-year average. Suraj Informatics warning and alarm systems help significantly reduce the risk of accidental collisions between industrial vehicles, personnel and assets.

Suraj Informatics is particularly effective in Warehouse, logistics and Manufacturing applications:

  • Provides a complete detection zone of 360º detection zone from 3-9m around a vehicle or danger zone.
  • To avoid an accident the driver warns that the detection area has been breached so that he can take the necessary step.
  • Suraj Informatics data logs any breaches, making it useful when investigating accidents or almost missing incidents.
  • All personnel can be labelled individually.

Suraj Informatics Warning System can be installed into manufacturing on all types of driving tools, including forklifts, pallet trucks and truck scopes with a number of options for installations either permanent or temporary.

Reasonable pricing and flexible ownership options:

If you know that Suraj Informatics is what you are looking for and want to know how to buy, we would love to see you discuss the best options you need to meet your needs, including pure and easy purchase, rental, purchase of Renting.

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