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The importance of track and trace

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The importance of track and trace

In the Track and Trace system,” goods in your supply chain may be tracked by location and status in both the past and the present. If track & trace is what we’re looking for, then it’s confined to manufactured or industrial construction components that are purpose-built or bulk goods utilized across numerous projects.

Suraj Informatics lets you know exactly where that material is, whether it’s right next to you or buried under three feet of snow in a laydown yard off-site. We term this “Geo-Contextual Automation.”

Is it possible to track someone’s whereabouts with track and trace?

It is possible to track and trace materials using a variety of methods, depending on how they are being used. GPS, Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE), cellular trilateration, barcodes, active and passive RFID, and Real-Time Location Services are some of the technologies utilized (RTLS).

When a tag (active or passive RFID, barcode, etc.) is connected to material and “associated” in the Suraj Informatics database, geo-contextual automation occurs. The tagged material may be monitored at any stage in the supply chain after it has been connected and related.

The importance of track and trace

  1. These aren’t just any materials, they’re unique. Using pipes and fittings from Home Depot in industrial construction is not a good idea. When you’re working with materials that are designed to be placed in a tight-engineered design, you’re dealing with products that must be delivered by a particular date. Your timeline and project costs might be thrown off if your team is unable to obtain crucial material on time. According to the size of the project, a one-week delay may lead to the expensive one.
  2. Loss of materials is a fact. A supply chain’s complexity and the number of participants are increasing as industrial building projects become increasingly complicated. If everyone isn’t on the same page, certain materials are sure to be lost.

Through the use of Suraj Informatics Track & Trace, materials may be discovered faster and location updates can be automatic. That’s right… Wait times are reduced to a minimum. A lot of information is lost if everyone is not on the same page.

How the wait time is minimum for Suraj Informatics track and trace drive material?

As the supply chain is extended, Suraj Informatics becomes more effective for your project. You’ll always know the state and location of a substance after it has been labeled. In certain cases,  users have reported a 9X decrease in the time it takes to locate materials.


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