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Gate OCR

gate-ocr-portal-automated-solutions-585x315 (1)
Optical character recognition (OCR) is a technology that enables the conversion of images containing text into machine-readable text. OCR has a wide range of applications, including document scanning and indexing, digital archiving, and data entry automation. OCR has been in use for several decades, and the technology has been steadily improving over time. In this[...]
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One-Stop Place for Yard Management

yard-management-system (1)
Yard management deals with the coordination shipping and receiving process, managing orders, and overseeing and administration of a company’s yard and its dock doors. Therefore it is important to implement a yard management solution as it helps in real-time asset management competence all over and around the yard for recording the location of the goods.[...]
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One Stop Place for Rail OCR

The vitality of the operations of Intermodal rail in the world-providing chain has never before been so noticeable. Leveraging the following technique solutions implicated by major North American Class1 railroads, shipping industries such as UPS and FedEx that has newly started to implement intermodal transport alternatives such as truck versus against air choices is an[...]
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One-Stop Place For Gate Automation

A visible restriction and natural first line of defense, automatic gates, and barrier systems provide property owners and occupiers an overall control of entry and exit to business, industrial and commercial premises is termed gate automation. The entry and exit of life-threatening gate operations have continuously been proving as restricted access of congestion due to[...]
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Real-Time Location System (RTLS)- One Technology. Infinite Possibilities

Real-time locating systems (RTLS), sometimes known as real-time tracking systems, are used to automatically identify and track the location of objects or persons in real-time, usually within the confines of a building or other enclosed environment. Fixed reference points receive wireless signals from tags to identify their location in most RTLS systems. Wireless RTLS tags[...]
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The Benefits of Mobility Solutions

Mobility Services have proliferated as a result of the emergence of consumer apps and IoT technologies. Companies all around the world are utilizing mobile solution technologies to capitalize on this shift. Computer users nowadays are more mobile than ever before, requiring access to company resources from a variety of devices such as desktops, laptops, and[...]
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The Operation and Management of Weighbridges System

In order to effectively regulate overloading in the EAC Partner States, a coordinated approach to a multitude of issues relating to weighbridge system operation and management is required. These elements include:• Weighbridge type and characteristics;• Weighbridge location on regional road network;• Weighbridge management;• Weighbridge operations and procedures;• Personnel involved in overload control procedures;• Weighbridge verification and calibrationPurpose[...]
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One-Stop Place for Cybersecurity Solutions

Today’s workforce is more dispersed than ever before. However, in order to maintain continuous production, rapid, accessible digital connectivity is still required. However, more employee locations mean more potential for hacks and breaches, ranging from cybercriminals using software, hardware, and end-user devices to wreak havoc on networks to inadvertent employee blunders that can result in[...]
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Cyber security is the technique of preventing harmful assaults on computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, and data. The practice of securing a computer network against intruders, whether targeted attackers or opportunistic malware, is referred to as network security. In recent years, a rising number of high-profile cyber security incidents has spurred businesses of[...]
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