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RFID Discovery can trace the location of mobile medical devices with extreme accuracy, saving staff time spent looking for equipment. Improve asset visibility and utilisation while lowering capital costs and time spent locating assets. In addition, RFID tracking systems are frequently used in manufacturing to track and trace components and supplies as they are received[...]
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Identifying if RFID is a Good Fit for Your Company

For direct and indirect RFID systems, Suraj Informatics is the best option.  Our solutions enable hospital employees to use RFID tracking systems to identify, locate, authenticate, and engage with each item to provide the best possible patient care while lowering costs. The following are some of our RFID-based healthcare solutions: Asset monitoring in healthcare Tracking[...]
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Yard Management Challenges

A Yard Management System (YMS) is a software solution that is used to track the movement of trailers in a facility’s yard, distribution centre, or warehouse. Your yard management software can provide great chances for agility and efficiency as the link between transportation and warehousing. Many companies are considering ways to improve their yard operations[...]
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We’ve all experienced the frustration of being unable to locate something essential. When you can’t identify goods, assets, or materials in your business, the stakes are much higher. This is why RFID is one of the most rapidly changing technologies in today’s business world. Warehouses, manufacturing plants, transportation, and logistical hubs, and retail establishments all[...]
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Suraj Informatics provides a range of IT services and solutions of the highest standards. Manufacturing, one of the world’s largest sectors, can not always be affected by digital technology. Consequently, the IoT solutions for manufacturing impact manufacturing companies, altering business and operational processes and generating smart factories.  Just because you have a good procedure does[...]
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The importance of track and trace

In the “Track and Trace system,” goods in your supply chain may be tracked by location and status in both the past and the present. If track & trace is what we’re looking for, then it’s confined to manufactured or industrial construction components that are purpose-built or bulk goods utilized across numerous projects. Suraj Informatics[...]
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IoT & predictive analysis

Production systems and processes have long been a source of competitive advantage in the manufacturing industry. Take, for example, Toyota’s Just-In-Time production method, which enables them to create high-quality automobiles at cheaper prices and in less time. This has helped them establish themselves as a global leader in the automobile industry. However, having a good[...]
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How can you make absolutely sure that your company’s printing solutions are secure?

As hackers get more proficient at accessing a company’s important data, cyberattacks and security breaches are on the rise. Every endpoint linked to the internet, including networked thermal printers, is a potential hazard. Maintaining business security without interrupting operations, on the other hand, maybe difficult. Suraj Informatics offers a wide range of services and solutions[...]
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RFID for Automated Locating and Tracking

We’ve all experienced the frustration of being unable to locate something essential. When you can’t identify goods, assets, or supplies in your firm, the stakes are much higher. This is why radio frequency identification (RFID) is one of the most rapidly developing technologies in today’s business world. Warehouses, industrial plants, transportation, and logistical hubs, and[...]
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What is Gate automation?  Gate automation is sometimes the primary step in terminal automation. Knowing truck and instrumentation arriving and outgoing moves is crucial for terminal designing. As traffic volumes expand within the world’s marine and lay transportation facilities, the entry and exit gate operations of a terminal have long been a bottleneck of congestion.[...]
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