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Cyber security is the technique of preventing harmful assaults on computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, and data. The practice of securing a computer network against intruders, whether targeted attackers or opportunistic malware, is referred to as network security.

In recent years, a rising number of high-profile cyber security incidents has spurred businesses of all kinds to rethink their network security. Because many networks are now regarded as important and valuable as never before, a more proactive and measured approach to network security is required.

Suraj Informatics is dedicated to offering Cyber Security Services that lower the risks and costs associated with your organization.

Our Cyber Security Network Solutions and Services are designed to withstand not only today’s dangers but also those that will emerge in the future. Organizations can simplify network security management while ensuring that end-users remain productive and have access to the network resources they require by looking at both internal and external traffic.

Disaster recovery and business continuity are terms used to describe how a company reacts in the case of a cyber-security breach or any other catastrophe that results in the loss of operations or data. Disaster recovery policies define how an organization returns operations and information to the same operational capabilities as before the disaster. Business continuity is the plan that an organization uses when it is unable to operate due to a lack of resources.

Types of cyber threats

Malware is a term that refers to software that is designed to harm people. Malware is software designed by a cybercriminal or hacker to disrupt or harm the computer of a legitimate user. It is one of the most common cyber dangers. Malware, which is typically disseminated by an unsolicited email attachment or a legitimate-looking download, can be used by cybercriminals to gain money or in politically motivated cyber-attacks.
SQL Injection
An SQL (structured language query) injection is a type of cyber-attack that allows a hacker to take control of a database and steal information from it. Using a malicious SQL query, cybercriminals exploit vulnerabilities in data-driven systems to install malicious code into a database. This provides them with access to the database’s sensitive information
Suraj Informatics‘state-of-the-art security operations assist our clients in strengthening their Cyber Security Network 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Furthermore, we enable enterprise network security to set up next-generation effective detection of probable cyber security problems, allowing for timely preventative action. This enables us to respond to cyber threats with a consistent and integrated strategy that makes use of cutting-edge technology like analytics, machine learning, and automation.


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