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One Stop Place for Rail OCR

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One Stop Place for Rail OCR

The vitality of the operations of Intermodal rail in the world-providing chain has never before been so noticeable. Leveraging the following technique solutions implicated by major North American Class1 railroads, shipping industries such as UPS and FedEx that has newly started to implement intermodal transport alternatives such as truck versus against air choices is an attempt for reducing the costs to their users. Thus it is generating spear in traffic for the railroads as well as the marine container workstations all over the country. Our system is now explored for the clients such as Evergreen, Hanjin, MTC, and also the Alameda Corridor Transportation Authority which is supporting to manage this new development utilizing the confirmed automation systems to create growth in productivity and thus the low cost of operation.

Suraj Informatics Pvt Ltd Rail OCR portal seizes the subsequent step in supplying broader improvised tracking and the identification of the rail equipment and containers for the below-mentioned circumstances:

  1. Marine Container workstation along with the on-dock rail tracks.
  2. Conventional intermodal ramps.
  3. Variety of tenants with the substitution of yards.
  4. By the side of high-speed mainline tracks.

Making utilization of AEI readers, high-resolution CCTV cameras, and OCR software, the system recognizes records and maintains the image and the technique number details of a crossing train. This information is gathered and complexes to completely develop whole automated container and diminish the requirement to perform the train innovation manually or else Track Standing Orders (TSO). Furthermore, the system can incarcerate scratched images in order to facilitate substantiation of the technique situation and smash up while onset and exit.

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