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Intelligent Video Surveillance System

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Intelligent video surveillance provider in such high demand

Observing a scene or scenes for specific behaviors that are inappropriate or may signal the emergence or presence of inappropriate conduct is part of an Advanced Intelligent Video Surveillance System. Surveillance is now all-pervasive, spanning a wide range of businesses. The underlying technology is evolving from solo analog video to networked (IP) and digital video.[...]
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Video Surveillance Management

Intelligent Video Surveillance
The increase in security breaches and threat intensity, combined with stringent regulations and an ever-increasing amount of video data that needs to be managed, are just some of the challenges facing today’s video management systems Are. Must give an answer. As human operators struggle to monitor the growing number of video channels typical of today’s[...]
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Intelligent Video Surveillance System

Security is critical, and the surveillance technology required to do so is becoming increasingly demanding and complex. Today, smart companies do not need outdated analog control systems, but new dynamic automated approaches that provide high security and high business value from day to day. Suraj Informatics provides you with centralized security with IP video surveillance[...]
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