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Real-Time Location System (RTLS)

What-is-RTLS-1 (1)
Real-time locating systems (RTLS), also called real-time tracking systems, allow the position of persons or objects to be automatically identified and tracked in real time. Usually, this is carried out inside a structure or another confined area. In the preponderance of RTLS devices, fixed reference points locate themselves using wireless signals from tags. Sewn-on wireless[...]
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Video surveillance providers

Today, monitoring is commonplace in many different businesses. The underlying technology is evolving from standalone analog video to networked (IP) and digital video. The intelligent video surveillance system from Mindtree includes a variety of IP video surveillance software packages that can manage small, medium, and large installations. The observation of a scene or scenes for[...]
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Yard Management

17876756-1-e1628926067515 (1)
With the aid of Yard Management Solution, carriers can self-schedule appointments for better labor arrangements inside the warehouse. In conjunction with convening observance of the Hours of Service requirements, one can also help the carriers stay on schedule within the appointment of the scheduling. With the information on the status and location of the items,[...]
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Gate OCR

gate-ocr-555x335 (1)
Users can utilize the Suraj informatics Gate OCR system to quickly recognize ISO containers when they are driven by truck via a gated access point. The system also features a truck license plate scanner, still and moving image and video recording for damage control, and an optional label for hazardous product identification. GateCCR offers a[...]
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Crane Ocr

TiltShiftTerminal-1024x768 (1)
The STS Crane takes care of everything with its fully integrated Crane OCR System, which automatically reads and registers the ISO code of containers. The Crane OCR System communicates with the Crane Program Logic Control (PLC) system to activate and process data. Directly placed on the crane and connected to the sophisticated image seizure and[...]
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Access Control

transitioning_to_cloud (1)
The security sector is where the term “access control” originated. In a word, it entails boosting productivity and workforce access while lowering risks and adverse conditions. One of the best uses for an access control system is the defense of an entry. a system of access control No matter the size or shape of the[...]
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Video surveillance providers

One of the elements of a sophisticated intelligent video surveillance system is the observation of a scene or scenes for certain behaviours that are inappropriate or may indicate the beginning or existence of inappropriate behaviour. Today, monitoring is prevalent throughout many industries. From standalone analogue video to networked (IP) and digital video, the underlying technology[...]
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Yard Management

yard-management-system (1)
The coordination of shipping and receiving, monitoring orders, and managing a company’s yard and dock doors are all aspects of yard management. Because a yard management solution aids in real-time asset management capability throughout and outside the yard for tracking the whereabouts of the items, it is crucial to adopt one. By beginning the receiving[...]
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