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Video Surveillance Management

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Video Surveillance Management

The increase in security breaches and threat intensity, combined with stringent regulations and an ever-increasing amount of video data that needs to be managed, are just some of the challenges facing today’s video management systems Are. Must give an answer. As human operators struggle to monitor the growing number of video channels typical of today’s surveillance systems, video analysis has quickly become a key element in today’s security applications.   Innovative concepts of digital products and systems with a focus on intelligent video analysis and sensor input enable the best possible coordination of system functionality with the requirements of the operator. This is becoming increasingly important for large and complex sites with different security requirements.

Intelligent Video Surveillance System such as CCTV are widely used in a variety of environments, including public spaces, public infrastructure, commercial buildings, and more. In most cases, they are used with two objectives: to monitor property and physical spaces in real time and to examine video information collected to identify and plan security indicators. Security.


An Advanced Video Analytics orchestrates a monitoring workflow by integrating with cameras, coders, recording systems, underlying storage infrastructure, customer workstations, gateway systems, and analytics software, primarily through provide a single interface to manage Video Surveillance Management

The design of the video surveillance system, the following decisions must be taken:

  • Camera and its type.
  • Video management system.
  • Types of video management system.
  • Type of storage.
  • Types of video analysis.

Intelligent Video Analytics Solutions:

Today, monitoring is ubiquitous and intersects between different industries. The associated technology ranges from standalone and analog video to networked (IP) and digital video. Mind tree’s intelligent video surveillance solution provides comprehensive IP video surveillance software that can meet small, medium, and large installations.

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