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What is Port and Terminal

Port: The port is a land and sea area which allows the cargo vessels to load and land freight by sea or by river. The area is “Port boundary “, which appears after years of business model growth or reduction and is therefore defined as “human limit “. There may be more than one Port[...]
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Intelligent Video Surveillance Solution and services

Video Analysis System, it is possible to significantly expand the functions of the system and reduce the number of employees involved. The operator has no longer to continuously monitor many monitors. Offences are detected based on the processing of events through analysis programs as well as signals from different detectors. The operator receives a signal[...]
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Port Automation

Port Automation can be defined as the use of integrated technology to develop intelligent solutions for efficient port management and trade flows, thereby increasing port capacity and port efficiency. Smart Ports (or automatic ports) typically provide cloud-based software to create a ready-to-use stream that supports smooth port operation. At present, most of the world’s ports[...]
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Fever Screening System with Thermal Camera

Infectious diseases travel fast. We’ve seen this rapid spread with coronavirus in 2019. A virus can start in a localized area and reach the other side of the planet in a few weeks. In many of these viruses, including a new coronavirus, fever is the first indication that something is wrong. This fever often occurs[...]
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What is Yard Management and Yard Management System?

Yard Management System (YMS) is a software system for monitoring the movement of trucks and trailers in the backyard of a production facility, warehouse or distribution center. The YMS provides real-time information about the location of trailers on the farm and allows site workers to move trailers from the presentation to the dock to fill[...]
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Human Body Fever Screening Solution and Service India

Fever Screening System is a system for Measuring body Temperature for mass control of high pedestrian zones such as airports, train stations, factories and other public places. Thermal Camera for Fever Detection and Temperature Measurement System is easy to install, operate and move with minimal installation and operator training time. Screen and audible alerts identify[...]
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Unmanned Solution Provider Company

Suraj Informatics Weighbridge Unmanned System is a unique and authentic Unmanned Solution. It allows 24 x 7 Bridge Weight Operations without the need for a permanent physical operator. The drivers just need to carry the RFID card and rest it just touch and go solution, the system is smart enough to handle the rest of[...]
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IOT Solution and Services Provider Company Near to You

At home, in factories, in oil wells, in hospitals, in cars and thousands of other places, there are billions of devices. Extending devices requires more and more solutions to connect and collect, store, and analyze device data. The Suraj Informatics IoT solution provides broad and comprehensive functionality to cover the boundaries of the cloud, allowing[...]
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Human Body Fever Screening Solution in India

The growing threat of COVID-19 around the world without developing a vaccine against the virus is putting enormous pressure on the global health system. In times of crisis, technology companies around the world work sideways with healthcare, offering a wide range of innovative technologies, from AI and big data to robotics and the cloud. Some[...]
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Unmanned Weighbridge System

The Suraj Informatics team is the leading service provider for Unmanned Weighbridge Systems. The Unmanned Weighing Bridge Systems are a stand-alone system that enables round-the-clock weighing without an operator. With the system’s user-friendly user interface, it can be fully operated by the truck driver, which in turn reduces operating costs and high efficiency throughout the[...]
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