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Intelligent Video Surveillance Solution and services

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Intelligent Video Surveillance Solution and services

Video Analysis System, it is possible to significantly expand the functions of the system and reduce the number of employees involved. The operator has no longer to continuously monitor many monitors. Offences are detected based on the processing of events through analysis programs as well as signals from different detectors. The operator receives a signal about an undesired event or event that has already occurred.

The word surveillance means the careful monitoring of a person or, in particular, a specific person in order to prevent or detect a crime. Therefore, video surveillance systems are an electronic way to look at someone or something.

Video surveillance systems are a system of one or more video cameras on a network that is recorded to send video and audio information to a specific location. The images are not accessible to the public like television. They are directly monitored or sent to a central location for recording and storage.

Advanced Intelligent Video Surveillance system is the purpose of observing a scene or scenes and finding specific behaviors that are inappropriate or may indicate the appearance or presence of inappropriate behavior.

The intelligent video analysis process involves identifying problem areas and identifying specific cameras or camera groups that may be able to view these areas. Although it is possible to identify calendars when security trends have occurred or are likely to occur, it is also helpful in the process. Viewing selected images at the right time can determine whether inappropriate activity occurs.



Advanced Intelligent Video Surveillance services are a comprehensive package that integrates the partner in the planning, configuration, and operation of your surveillance system. It also ensures that our video security solutions are budgeted, modified, and enforceable, and that’s why we provide our customers with consulting, integration, configuration, and other support services.


An Intelligent Service for Video Analytics Solutions is an essential part of a global security strategy. Suraj Informatics is proud to provide you with the experience and expertise you need to design, install and monitor a system that meets your individual needs and integrates with your existing systems. Whether you are looking for basic video surveillance systems or your system to do more for your business, Suraj informatics gives you the Advanced Intelligent Video Surveillance System solutions you need.


Advanced Intelligent Video Surveillance system

From smart video Analytics solutions to state-of-the-art video surveillance IP systems and cloud storage options, Suraj Informatics are able to design, install and monitor the right monitoring system to meet your needs. Thanks to our expertise, we offer you the right Advanced intelligent video surveillance services, including:

  • Analog and IP camera systems
  • Network, local, and cloud video storage options
  • CCTV system
  • Check the video alarm
  • Live video on the way out
  • Advanced Video analysis, reporting
  • Integration with intrusion, access control and more

Advanced Intelligent Video Surveillance that provides intelligent data to improve security, increase efficiency and reduce costs.

We believe that the future of security around you should be formed. Our goal is to provide the leading and Advanced Surveillance Security Solutions that you can trust, add value and quickly and easy to use and install.


Smart Video Analysis

Video analysis uses metadata to add structure and meaning to video footage. This allows cameras to understand what they see and warn when there are threats at the time of the event. You can also pick the correct ranges from immediately logged on video hours and analyze the scene by providing several statistics to handle an operator more quickly and more efficiently.

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