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Unmanned Weighbridge System

The Suraj Informatics team is the leading service provider for Unmanned Weighbridge Systems. The Unmanned Weighing Bridge Systems are a stand-alone system that enables round-the-clock weighing without an operator. With the system’s user-friendly user interface, it can be fully operated by the truck driver, which in turn reduces operating costs and high efficiency throughout the[...]
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What should I look for in an IoT company?

At home, in factories, in oil wells, in hospitals, in cars and thousands of other places, there are billions of devices. Extending devices requires more and more solutions to connect and collect, store, and analyze device data. The Suraj Informatics IoT solution provides broad and comprehensive functionality to cover the boundaries of the cloud, allowing[...]
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Unmanned weighing solution

Suraj Informatics Weighbridge Unmanned System is a unique and genuine Unmanned Solution. It allows 24 x 7 weighbridge operations without the need for a permanent physical operator. Drivers just need to carry the RFID card and rest, it will simply touch and go solution, the system is smart enough to handle the rest of the[...]
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How an IoT system works

As you saw in the previous chapter, IoT requests cover different application and vertical requests. However, all complete IOT Systems are identical because they represent the integration of four different components: sensors/devices, connectivity, data processing and user interface We describe what each means in the following sections and how they come together to form a[...]
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Terminal Automation System

Introduction The Terminal automation system (TAS) is designed to automate the process of receiving, storing and shipping products.  Suraj Informatics Terminal Automation system monitors, monitors and manages the entire product processing process, from reception to after-distribution storage. Our terminal and reservoir experience include products such as crude oil, refined oil, liquefied natural gas, petroleum gas[...]
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Mobility Solution and Servicer Provider in India

  As one of the leading companies focused on bringing Mobility together in Enterprises, we bring together the Latest Technologies, Engagement Strategies and System Integration. We strive to provide our customers with business value that goes beyond a few business cycles. By highlighting threats to data Security and Cross-Platform Complexities, we promote BYOD culture by[...]
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Best Mobility Solution Provider in Mumbai

As one of the leading business Mobility Solutions companies, we bring together the latest technology, engagement strategies, and system integration. We strive to provide our customers with the company value that goes beyond a few business cycles. By highlighting threats to data security and complexity of platforms, we promote BYOD culture by designing and transforming[...]
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Good Technique for Security System

Dealing with material products Warehouse Security is an essential element for any business. Warehouses are used to store all equipment and material products. Since many companies suffer significant losses, because there is no security plan involved. There needs to be a strategic approach to increase the safety of your warehouse during working hours and when[...]
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Why Suraj Informatics is Best to Provide Service in Video Surveillance

Video surveillance systems have demonstrated a significant improvement in security and significantly reduces the risk to various industries. With strong manufacturing relationships in the industry, Suraj Informatics is able to provide our customers with the best IP technologies in education, energy, finance, government, healthcare, pharmaceuticals and industry. Real estate. The CCTV system manages to collect[...]
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Manufacturing and Service of Weighbridge

Shering Weighing take a look at the weighted technology to help operators get the most out of their investment It seems almost condescending to ask the question: what is a scale bridge? However, a common view is that a scale bridge is just a scale bridge, suggesting that they are considered mere devices that perform[...]
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