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How an IoT system works

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How an IoT system works

As you saw in the previous chapter, IoT requests cover different application and vertical requests. However, all complete IOT Systems are identical because they represent the integration of four different components: sensors/devices, connectivity, data processing and user interface


We describe what each means in the following sections and how they come together to form a complete IoT system. Each of these sections will also serve as an organizational structure for the rest of this e-book, and we will delve deeper into these components in the following chapters.


IOT Solutions and Services has a huge demand as technology in the workplace is changing. There is a huge call for Smart City IOT Solutions to reduce costs, improve employee productivity and reduce employee injuries. Depending on human-driven solutions, there is no longer enough sustainability, and we can no longer rely on their accuracy.


1) Sensors/devices

We use sensors/devices because multiple sensors can be grouped, or sensors can be part of a device that feels more than just something.


2) Connectivity

Sensors/devices can be connected to the cloud using a variety of methods, including: mobile, satellite, WIFI, Bluetooth, high-power networks (LPWAN), connection via a gateway/router, or direct connection to the Internet via Ethernet (don’t worry, let’s explain more about what all this means in our connectivity area).


3) Data processing

This can be very simple, such as checking that the temperature measurement is within an acceptable range. Or it can be very complex, such as using Computer Vision on video to identify objects (for example, intruders on a property).

But what happens if the temperature is too high or if there is an intruder on the property? This is where the user takes effect.


4) User interface

A user may have an interface that allows them to proactively register on the system. For example, a user can check video streams for different properties through a phone app or web browser.


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