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Best Hardware and Software GPS Tracker and Services

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Best Hardware and Software GPS Tracker and Services

GPS Tracking is location monitoring using the Global Positioning System (GPS) remotely detect the location of an entity or object. The technology can identify longitude, width, soil velocity, and the direction of target price.

GPS tracking is prohibitive for police, fire, army and large courier company. Many uses in car Automatic Vehicle Locator (AVL). AVL systems typically have a curated network equipped with a telephone service receiver, a GPS receiver, a GPS modem and a GPS antenna. The network is connected to the main radio, which consists of a computer station, a receiver and a GPS interface. GPS uses interactive maps, not still images on the Internet. AVL systems can be used to increase employee accountability and increase the efficiency of the company’s shipping process through monitoring and exchange of information.


GPS tracking system consists of two things that make up the system: Hardware Tracking and GPS Tracking Software. There are two different communication protocols. General packaged radio service and global positioning system that can be used to strengthen tracking software. Both protocols are strong and offer their own pros and cons. But GPS is increasingly being used because of the much more efficient and cost-effective tracking solutions.


GPS Server Phone:

This is a mobile client’s GPS Server.Net Tracking program. To use this app, you need a personal account, hosted software, or Server software.


This app can be useful for:

  • Easily access your account with Android and iOS apps for mobile customers;
  • Follow your devices online in real time;
  • Examine the traces and events of the history;
  • Help keep track of your children;
  • Saving money for Entrepreneurs


Automatic activation of GPS trackers:

When the user adds a new device to their account, Navix’s GPS tracking software can automatically allow all required presets to use live technology (OTA) in seconds. The only action the user needs is to enter the phone number of the SIM card installed in Ong’s-Tracker.


The system automatically detects and assigns APN settings, configures the server address and port, and all recommended settings for easy SMS and GPRS/IP channel recruitment. Therefore, your users or support team don’t need to manually configure devices.

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