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One stop place for Real-Time Location System

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One stop place for Real-Time Location System

The system of tracking and identifying the location of the objects in real-time by utilizing simple, inexpensive nodes fitted or attached to the objects and devices which receive wireless signals through these tags in order to examine their locations is termed as Real-Time Locating Systems.

Functions of RTLS

  1. ID signals from nodes are examined to a sole reader in a sensory network by determining the coincidence of reader and nodes.
  2. ID signals from the nodes are selected with the help of numerous readers in a sensory network and their location is estimated by utilizing more than one locating algorithm.
  3. Location signals from the signposts along with the identifiers are passed through the moving nodes and afterward are relayed normally through a second wireless channel to a location processor.
  4. Mobile nodes correspond with each other and carry out metering distances.

Real-Time Location System has been introduced as an option and a cost-effective process for the tracking of the location and the condition of the assets around the local areas like yards and remote storage and liberation of the sites. Following are the features of the Real-Time Location System:

  1. Visibility of Real-time of all trailers on the site.
  2. Determination of the current location
  3. History of the current location and capability of tracing.
  4. Visualization of Alertness of clients-Information of the Position.

Suraj RTLS system provides the benefits of the utilization of RTLS instantly with reduced configuration and yard scrutiny with the improvement of yard operations. However, Suraj Informatics provides RTLS systems by automatically alerting the users of asset events and examining the information of the current location by utilizing the web browser.

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