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The Benefits of Mobility Solutions

Mobility Services have proliferated as a result of the emergence of consumer apps and IoT technologies. Companies all around the world are utilizing mobile solution technologies to capitalize on this shift. Computer users nowadays are more mobile than ever before, requiring access to company resources from a variety of devices such as desktops, laptops, and[...]
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The Operation and Management of Weighbridges System

In order to effectively regulate overloading in the EAC Partner States, a coordinated approach to a multitude of issues relating to weighbridge system operation and management is required. These elements include:• Weighbridge type and characteristics;• Weighbridge location on regional road network;• Weighbridge management;• Weighbridge operations and procedures;• Personnel involved in overload control procedures;• Weighbridge verification and calibrationPurpose[...]
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One-Stop Place for Cybersecurity Solutions

Today’s workforce is more dispersed than ever before. However, in order to maintain continuous production, rapid, accessible digital connectivity is still required. However, more employee locations mean more potential for hacks and breaches, ranging from cybercriminals using software, hardware, and end-user devices to wreak havoc on networks to inadvertent employee blunders that can result in[...]
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Cyber security is the technique of preventing harmful assaults on computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, and data. The practice of securing a computer network against intruders, whether targeted attackers or opportunistic malware, is referred to as network security. In recent years, a rising number of high-profile cyber security incidents has spurred businesses of[...]
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Terminal automation software automates certain manual procedures in a terminal, such as load authorization, product movement (by several modes of transportation), product measurement, documentation, and reporting. The software is adaptable and adaptable to other isolated systems and hardware, such as meter skids, weight scales, tank gauging systems, and security access control systems. These systems frequently[...]
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Sensitive data and information travel swiftly and easily online thanks to mobile banking, online shopping, and social networking. The most important obligation an organization has is to keep consumer and client data out of the hands of criminals. Our goal at Suraj Informatics is not to sell you virus protection software, but to provide your[...]
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IoT Companies in India

Many countries throughout the world are adopting Internet of Things technologies. Companies must sustain the Internet of Things’ appeal. This prominence is maintained by implementing more rigorous work plans. People’s living standards are raised as a result of smart devices and smart applications made with Internet of Things technology. Smart device technology has a long[...]
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