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One-Stop Place For Gate Automation

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One-Stop Place For Gate Automation

A visible restriction and natural first line of defense, automatic gates, and barrier systems provide property owners and occupiers an overall control of entry and exit to business, industrial and commercial premises is termed gate automation. The entry and exit of life-threatening gate operations have continuously been proving as restricted access of congestion due to the high pitch of traffic volumes maximized in the world’s marine and intermodal facilities. Due to the increase in congestion and the costs of staffing personnel to put up them has tremendously opted the need for the extensive introduction of OCR technology in the gate areas.

The OCR equipment supplies the federal optical character recognition (OCR), identification, and the assessment of containerized cargo and equipment thus piercing and departing the terminals with the help of via over-the-road trucks.

The utilization of an open, modular, and network-enabled architecture thus offers unparalleled accuracy and 24/7 up-time in the most extreme weather circumstances.   Depending upon the solid-state clarification, the system optimizes for minimal electrical supply for activation thus having reliability in its results.

Implementation of Gate OCR system helps in planning, tracking, and monitoring all container movements on the terminals beginning of the arrival and the departure with the involvement of booking, document handling, and invoicing. Availability of prior planning solutions, Gate OCR System offers consumers the potential in order to make full utilization of land and quayside operations. The following are the features and specifications for the Gate Automation Systems:

  1. Automated OCR of the containers, chassis, Genset, and license plate numbers.
  2. Substitutes for types of equipment, IMO Labels, size RFID seal, etc.
  3. Processing of the In-motion equipment and flexibility of the traffic control.
  4. Inspection of damage of full-color considering of front/rear, sides, and top.
  5. Superfluous IP-based hardware architecture.
  6. Utilization of ultra-compact portal design fits in any type of gate lane.
  7. monitoring of each and every piece of equipment 24/7
  8. sophisticated control systems prescribes key switching, digital or card-entry systems, handheld transmitters, or video entry phone links. Exit control systems also involve photo-electric beams and concealed under-surface induction helps to monitor through the barrier.

Suraj Informatics is therefore one of the leading companies in providing widespread gate OCR systems to various corporate companies.  Suraj Informatics 4th generation OCR technology is based on a proprietary OCR engine and leverages high-resolution IP-based cameras consisting of innovative solid-state LED illumination.

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