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Suraj Informatics specializes in the integration of video-surveillance systems in operational processes that require automatic identification. CCTV deployment ranges from small to full terminal provision. Once the targets have been agreed, an appropriate combination of system components can be recommended, from registration facilities to infrastructure requirements.

                    What  are Suraj Informatics typical CCTV placements include?
  • Face cameras integrated in driver kiosks or OCR bands to recognize and record the people who access the terminal
  • Surveillance camera gate bands providing “eye” when working remotely thanks to automation, alerting the operator about the vehicle’s presence
  • Surveillance cameras in the STS cranes by recording the load/discharge cycles and serving as backup OCR systems

Video surveillance or video surveillance (closed loop television) is conveniently the market segment of most security technologies.

Suraj informatics includes existing upgrade options and can work with any camera  In all cases, we use the latest combination of cameras, lenses, lighting, hardware and software components in our placements. This makes our video-surveillance solutions the most suitable for security purposes, but also for operational process support.

In recent years, resolutions have increased with the emergence of HD, 4k and even 7k cameras. Sophisticated PTZ cameras and upgrades, such as fish mesh lenses and 360 degree cameras, also have the potential to cover larger areas with smaller camera

Surveillance cameras captures and transmits images back to the control room – or even remotely – to the smartphone where they are recorded NVR, DVR or – increasingly – in the cloud. IP or network cameras are becoming more common, while analog cameras are still popular. There are bullet cameras and dome cameras, as well as heat cameras or low-light cameras.

With increasing awareness and demand for electronic security and surveillance systems today, as well as the rapidly evolving technologies, Suraj Informatics’s CCTV is at the forefront of providing high-quality monitoring solutions for trade and industry. Counting our clients among UK leading commercial and industrial organizations, VISION CCTV will give you the knowledge and professionalism to fulfill your current and future demands design, installation and servicing of assets.

CCTV  cameras are increasingly being used for applications that do not involve the detection of criminal offences, including traffic monitoring, crowd control and business efficiency in retail.
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