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Importance of Crowd Management

Crowd management is a very challenging task  especially when it comes– security and service. There is always the risk that it will go out of control, whenever a big crowd is gathered at one place It also creates security problems. This can lead to burdens, bravery, vandalism, etc., which is unsafe. In addition to security, this scenario also affects service quality. For example, the bar service deteriorates if there are more guests than the bar capacity. This applies to shopping malls, retail chains, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, casinos, stadiums, etc. To overcome this, Suraj Informatics Video Surveillance is now providing  Crowd Management, which effectively maintains the number of people entering/leaving the premises as well as the number of people present in that particular area. It double checks the person before entering the premises.

Industrial sites, security and security companies, as well as federal, state and local authorities rely   on Suraj informatics for their most important public consultation and access control needs. Security barriers, security partitions, and access control solutions  alsovisually and physically block a company from accessing unsafe or unsafe zones.

Important measures taken for the  crowd safety

  • Establish clear roles and responsibilities
  • Working with others to ensure crowd security
  • Plan incidents and emergency situations
  • Assess risks and identify hazards
  • Insert Crowd control

Suraj Informatics has successfully deployed many solutions to crowd management venues, public spaces and areas with capacity requirements.

The analytical algorithms used by Suraj were specifically designed for the usage in countable areas. Areas in which other systems are struggling to calculate accurately.

Our crowd of CCTV analytics can also ensure crowd density calculation by which the Suraj Informatics options provide a measurement in a certain room.

Measuring travel time is a solution which, at various checkpoints throughout Our Company uses an accurate crowd counting solution to measure average travel or queue time.

Smoke detection is developed using the Visual Smoke Detection (VSD) algorithm, which can be used to detect smoke signs on the same cameras that provide other solutions.

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