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Automation in the industry is making major steps all over the world as container terminals aim for more efficient operation and higher productivity. More and more container terminals are approving automated solutions to meet the challenge of larger ships, taller cranes and bigger call sizes.

Our world-wide success is founded on our deep understanding of our clients’ business drivers and their need for proactive expert support and guidance. We understand the competing demands within both the shipping and stevedoring industries and the overall supply sequence.

Our response is to deliver consistently high value, cost effective and robust solutions on phase and in-country as required.


Apart from our wide series of operational skills, our team also consists of consultants with a hugely diverse range of design, engineering and business skills. Our focus is on the Greenfield design as well as to brownfield improvement plans. We use advanced software such as SHIPMA, TERMSIM, and AutoCAD Civil 3D, Vehicle Tracking, ArcGIS and BIM technology to complement our in-house purpose built software to provide our clients with the best available service. Services include, but not limited to:

  • Commercial process flows: Our consultant can define operational business flows upon review of the current operations and automation requirements. The net result is a detailed design of improved process flows utilizing automation.
  • Graphical outline: Based on the process flows and requirements defined, our engineers can define the optimal layout utilizing the technology foreseen. The main advantage is having correct and verified input for third parties such as civil contractors when budgeting the automation project.
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