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Human Body Temperature or Thermal Screening Solutions

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If you are worried about to safeguard the health and wellbeing of employees and customers in on-going COVID-19 pandemic spread, we, “Suraj Informatics Pvt. Ltd” are presenting “Thermal Fever Screening Solution” to check & capture “Human Body Temperature” proactively before entering the premises.  This could help organizations to check/ track people at the entrance itself and the necessary steps can be taken immediately to control the spread.

Traditional methods like using the digital thermometer or mercury thermometer perform well in detecting people with abnormal/ high temperature. However, all of these methods have obvious and significant limitations and cannot be used at organization level to check each and every person. Some limitations are….

Close Contact, High Risk

  • Close contact among users, leading to high risk of infection.

Low Efficiency

  • Lots of manpower
  • Inspection of each & every person is difficult

Process of checking and maintaining Data

  • Manual intervention is required to capture the details in each case, which may lead to human error and a late feedback.

Best Human Body Temperature or Thermal Screening Solutions by Suraj Informatics –

Our Fever or Thermal Screening Solutions are capable of detect and alert temperatures above threshold levels by screening humans from distance which helps in preventing human to human proximity and thus spreading of COVID-19. Our Solutions will help screening a larger area like airport, railways stations, metros etc.

Fever Screening Solutions Includes-

  • Thermal Camera with Black Body Solution
  • Thermal Camera Solution
  • Handheld Thermal Solution
  • Metal Detector Door Solution
  • Temperature Screening with Access Control
  • Medical / Auxiliary Essential Product’s & Equipment’s

Fever Screening – With Black Body Solution

How Thermal Camera with Black body works?

  • Thermal Camera with Black Body solution works similar to Thermal camera solution.
  • The only difference is that here we are using additional black body to improve
  • The black body is used as reference, We can set its temperature which will be constant even if environments temperature changes with
  • As black body temperature is constant and used as reference in thermal camera, It increases accuracy of solutions.

Fever Screening –Thermographic Handheld Thermal Camera Solution Advantages –

  • Keep distance between the operator and the target person, reduce the risk of disease transmission
  • Higher efficiency, more suitable for flow of fast moving
  • Easy to use, the operator less steps in operate cameras, need only read the maximum value in the screen
  • Able to preserve the screenshot of potential risky target person as an evidence
  • Able to integrated with PC/Mobile Client, provide a more flexible solution.
Thermographic Handheld Thermal Camera Solution

Suraj Informatics also provide other Fever or Thermal Screening  Solutions like Metal Detector Door Solution and Screening with Access Control Solution. To get latest Screening Solutions CONTACT US today.

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