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The installation of cameras, cabling, and other hardware is a crucial part of every surveillance project.

The effectiveness of video surveillance technology is constantly enhancing, and it has already established itself as a vital security device for the police, private companies and many public sector organisations. An effective CCTV system contributes to the detection and prevention of crime, as well as protecting towns, urban communities and transport systems from the threat of terrorism.

Advances in CCTV technologies – especially from simple CCTV cameras to internet protocol (IP) ones certainly improves the safety and security that CCTV systems provide, yet in addition expands data security and protection concerns.

Some of the key advances our security surveillance include:

  • Video content analysis (VCA).
  • Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR).
  • Top quality (HD) CCTV.
  • Sophisticated movement detection algorithms.
  • Facial recognition.
  • Powerful range.
  • Video management systems (VMS).
  • Wireless technology.

Whether your requirement is for a huge project, an enhancement to an existing system or a solution to a bottleneck area, Suraj Informatics offers the widest range of solutions from a single source. We have the range of Sensing, Identification- & Tracing systems and in-house experience to integrate a terminal wide solution for operations of every terminal size. Suraj Informatics offers the same dedicated approach, combining industry experience with solutions expertise to bring increased productivity and quicker turnaround times.

Suraj Informatics works with a system of highly educated and experienced consultants and project managers with a broad experience in terminal automation from the largest, most modern deep-sea terminals to the smaller inland terminals for both Greenfield developments and process updates.

Helping our clients and customer to save money with proper installation is our specialty. –


Suraj Informatics makes Installation quick and easy!

  • Systems are designed for simple installation and include everything you need out of the box.
  • Pre-Configuration services are available for basic installation.
  • In most cases, electrical workers are not required Power Over Ethernet. (PoE) technology and CCTV cabling make installation safe & easy.
  • Technical help for assistance during and after installation.
  • Assistance with system setup we remotely get to your NVR/VMS or other hardware for help with design and troubleshooting.
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