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IP Surveillance Video Surveillance Review

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SECURE INDIA TODAY – 2007 trade fair is an event for all manufacturers, traders and distributors of the safety & security equipment. The trade fair will provide excellent opportunities in developing more business/trade with participation and will also create a multi-media platform for the presentation of products and company for the participants.

SECURE INDIA TODAY – 2007 will definitely be the vital link between the Indian & South East Asian fire, safety, security, smart cards & disaster management industry. This trade fair represents a significant progress in taking the show to a higher level and creating a distinct presence among the companies in the security industry. This trade fair is the largest specialized exhibition of technology advancement in the safety & security industry supported with a unique conference program.

Factories and other manufacturing facilities can benefit from the security provided by video surveillance. Theft of raw materials like lumber, copper and steel is at an all-time high, and thieves are targeting factories and other storage facilities with higher frequencies. Many factories also rely on highly guarded trade secrets to remain competitive. Comprehensive systems of security cameras can help protect your building, employees, and materials, as well as help you remain competitive in a growing market.

  • Benefits of Video Surveillance in Factories
  • Prevent theft
  • Quality control
  • Remote monitoring
  • Workplace safety
  • Easy to install

Video Surveillance for Pharmacies

If there’s any retail or healthcare outlet that needs video surveillance – it’s pharmacies. Pharmacies, with their large store of expensive and controlled stock and constant demand for products, could benefit from the protection offered by security cameras. Better yet, advances like video analytics can help pharmacies work actively to reduce threat and increase security.

  • Benefits of Drugstore Security Cameras
  • Protect staff and customers
  • Keep prices low
  • Integration
  • IP video

Video Surveillance in Traffic and Road Environments

Traffic cameras are an innovative and extremely functional use of video surveillance technology. You’ve seen their footage during traffic reports on the TV news. They’re atop traffic signals and placed along busy roads, and at busy intersections of the highway. Whether they’re recording traffic patterns for future study and observation or monitoring traffic and issuing tickets for moving violations, traffic cameras are an explosively popular form of video surveillance.

  • Advantages of Traffic Surveillance Cameras
  • Aid commuters
  • Valuable data
  • Enforce laws
  • Encourage safe driving

Video Surveillance in Shopping Malls

Like any place where money flows and large crowds of people gather, shopping malls are susceptible to criminal activity. Most feature large open plazas, multiple levels of shops, and often movie theaters, along with storage and delivery areas. The buildings are expansive and present unique challenges for security personnel. Strategically placed video surveillance cameras help to enhance security by providing continuous monitoring of all parts of a shopping complex.

  • Benefits of Video Surveillance in Malls
  • Prevent Theft
  • Deter Crime
  • Increase Customer Safety
  • Monitor Employee Activity
  • Coordinate Security Personnel
  • Crime Investigation

Video Surveillance for Car Dealerships & Auto Wholesalers

Car dealerships are the perfect environment for video surveillance, both because of the value of the inventory and its susceptibility to theft. Automobiles, depending on make, model, year and features, can vary in price from a few thousand to a few hundred thousand dollars. Dealerships also leave a large majority of their inventory out in parking lots – leaving million dollar inventories exposed to theft and harmful weather for hours at a time.

  • Benefits of Dealership Surveillance
  • Prevent theft
  • Track customers and visitors
  • Protect building, employees and customers
  • Future integration

Video Surveillance for Airports and Airport Terminals

If you’re wondering who stands to benefit most from the exciting advancements being made in video surveillance technology in recent years, look no further than the nearest major airport. Airports have a lot to deal with when it comes to security. From facing the ever-present threat of terrorism, to enforcing strict rules and regulations, airport security personnel operate in a fast-paced environment that offers no room for mistakes. IP surveillance technology and new innovations in video analytics are helping to raise airport security to new heights.

  • Benefits of IP-Based Video Surveillance for Airport Terminals
  • Combat terrorism
  • Provide real-time surveillance to multiple departments
  • Advanced video analytics
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Digital storage
  • Remote access
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