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Why a laboratory must be concerned with setting up its security measures?

All laboratories should take care to establish their own robust laboratory safety systems. These laboratories use many types of expensive tools, equipment, chemicals and materials. They are not only expensive but also very dangerous to the public if proper security controls are not implemented.

Research and development (P&A) can lead to new heights of any enterprise, nation or society, and, without any research, the public is always lagging behind in other countries. So, to keep pace with the modern world, each laboratory must be adequately protected by modern lab safety systems.

The main reasons for laboratory support are as follows:

lab safety precaution

  • Personal and active security
  • Protection of the study’s valuable results
  • Protection against theft of valuables and information
  • Protection against sabotage and terrorist activities
  • Protection of intellectual property and public security
  • Ensuring business critical information and competitiveness
  • Compliance with the rules and regulations of institutions and agencies





What is the best security arrangement for a lab?

The laboratory safety system should maintain data confidentiality and a sterile environment in order to achieve the desired results of research and development work.

The main components of the laboratory safety margin are:

  • Precisely defined security policy coverage, access control, administrator control, and data control
  • There must be uniform access control systems powered by modern technology
  • A well-researched video surveillance system providing internal and external laboratory support
  • Have the correct safety lighting system
  • Secure and squeeze points correctly
  • No exceptions allowed without prior authorisation from the authorities
  • There is a regular monitoring, evaluation and analysis mechanism
  • Have professional safety systems for laboratory repair and maintenance
  • A two-tier laboratory safety for hazardous and hazardous materials should be

Key Points that a Lab should take note while setting up its security process?

The following key points must be strictly considered in order to provide the laboratory security risks internally and externally:security procedure

  • Proper testing of people working in the laboratory and those attending laboratory
  • Access control system based on ID and without exception
  • Proper stock management and inventory tracking
  • Comprehensive assessment of the laboratory area and the location of security threats
  • Theft and investigation of terrorist risk factors
  • Identification of assets, equipment and information based on the level of criticality
  • Multi-layer security mechanism for critical assets
  • Emergency planning and disaster relief mechanism
  • Real-time monitoring and prepayment


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